5 Best Applications for Gmail Cleaning

Have you ever faced this situation when your trusted Gmail account stops working, unapproving all your new data?

Your Gmail accounts are one of the biggest cloud data holders for you, as we have got emails, pictures and other media at our Gmail, but there is a limit, for example if you are having a basic package of Gmail cleaner especially for your android phone, then you cannot store more than 15Gb at a time, you might need to buy the premium packages.

But, a lot of people especially students and those, whose Gmail is short of space, only because of several newsletters and junk mails. They do not need to buy any kind of premium packages. They simply need to find some good applications which would clean up their Gmail account within seconds.

Cleaning your Gmail account does not sound like a task, but, deleting a plethora of useless mails, along with a handful of important mails is not easy, in fact, it is a very time-consuming activity.

Especially when you are waiting for some important mails, and you are not able to receive them because of the storage issue.

In this article, we will review some excellent and reliable applications. Moreover, we would also try to consider a better way of cleaning the Gmail for the smooth flow of data and emails.

Most of these applications filter out and categorize your emails, and then clear them up after permission. It is highly recommended that users must have a look at the demo for using these applications in a safe and proper way, without deleting the important mails.

Here is the list of them

1.    Inky application

The best part of this application is its free services. students and those who are extremely annoyed with the junk mails.

They connect and consolidate its client’s filtered mails, so that we must only receive the important mails.

Lastly, you can have this application if you are managing more than one Gmail account at a time. So that you must be able to save your time.

2.    Mail bird

If you are not used to follow the commands and you want things to move according to your mood, then you must try mail bird especially if you are having more than one Gmail account.

Mail bird analyzes your emails, and they create a summary of each mail so that you may get a gist of each mail, it would be fast and easy.

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There are numerous packages available, in the basic package alone, that is free, you would be able to connect and analyze up to three Gmail at a time.

In other packages there is an amazing snooze button, which completely dismisses the useless and junk messages. It will keep your Gmail safe from accumulating extra mails.

This application would only work in windows 7,8 and 10. This is a major hindrance that would make the clients a bit hesitant.

3.    Sanebox

So far, we analyzed only those applications which would start working after they are installed and customized, but the sane box is quite a helper.

It would also, clean up the existing emails for you. If you are annoyed and irritated by your messy Gmail account, then this sane box application can be of great help.

It will keep all the read messages separated from the unread messages, moreover there will be some other categories, for filtering out the emails.

Sanebox application is not free of cost, there is a monthly fee of almost $6, which is incredibly affordable as far as the services are concerned.

4.    Mailbox

If you are a lazy lad, but still annoyed because of the mails, then this application is for you, the mailbox is a phone-based application. The users simply need to swipe the mail notification for dumping or reading the mails.

It is free of cost moreover, it can be used with any sort of mobile system. Making it one of the favorite applications.

5.    IQ Tell

If you want to control all your productivity application through a single manager, then this IQ tell application would be one of the best for you.

It is not free unlimitedly after a certain point you will have to subscribe for the upgraded packages. 

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