5 Best Family Games to Play During Coronavirus Lockdown

More and more Americans are working from home, schools and colleges are being locked shut, and most of the restaurants are closed down in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Such is the extent of this virus that almost all sporting events and conferences are canceled. All these precautions are quintessential to prevent the virus from spreading, but you would already know this. The media has covered the do’s and don’ts extensively, but not many are talking about the emotional challenges due to self-isolation.

While the whole world is in distress, there is a silver lining as well – you can spend more quality time with your family. And there is no better way than to engage in fun, friendly yet challenging games with family members.

Here we have listed the best games you can play with your family!

1) Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games known to humanity, and it’s no surprise it’s still very popular today. It’s a two-player strategy game that requires a bit of both skill and luck. Let me assure you this game is engaging, fun, and requires serious skills to master. The rules are pretty easy – remove your 15 checkers before your opponent does. 

The ease of playing makes the game suitable for both adults and kids. So, if you’re looking for a 2-player game that involves a mix of strategy and is easy to learn, then Backgammon is your best bet. The backgammon sets are quite cheap as well. You can get yourself a decent one under $30.

2) Dominoes

Dominoes is a game of precise calculation, strategy, and second-guessing your opponent moves. The best part of the game is that up to 7 players can play at a time, which means none of the family members are left out. Also, you can play multiple games using the same set, so you won’t ever get bored. Some of the most popular ones are Mexican train, Chicken foot, metador etc.

The objective of the game is to score most points by strategically placing the tiles against the competitor. In some variants, the first one to put all their tiles down wins.

3) Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

The name of the game in itself is quite funny and interesting – isn’t it? Well, let me tell you the game lives by its name and even more. By the time you complete the game, you would be rolling with lighter on the floor.

The objective of the game is quite ridiculous – to slap the deck first, and that’s what makes it super addictive. The cards are hilarious and the game play is easy to understand for players of all ages. Priced just under $10 on Amazon, this is by far the best card game that will keep the whole family entertained for hours in a stretch.

4) Monopoly

The list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of the all-time classic Monopoly game. This real estate buying game to create a monopoly has been around for decades. And almost all would have played the game sometime in their life. Probably this is a great time to pick the game now. This game requires a bit of luck and a lot of strategizing.. At the same time, it teaches the kids the value of money and improves their math. With school off, this can be an ideal game for the kids to practice the sums.

5) Indoor Basketball Arcade-Style

While the board games are a good option but it’s difficult to grab the attention of kids for long. Arcade games might be a more suitable option. If your kids love basketball, probably getting an indoor basketball game would make up for a solid investment. Kids can play hours and hours practicing hoops after hoops while getting better at the game and enjoying it at the same time. But it’s just not the kids; adults can also join in the fun and flex some serious muscles. Putting as many hoops as possible in a pre-defined time gives some serious adrenaline rush while making some lifetime of memories. And the best part is that these units are quite portable and fold down for compact storage. Here are some of the top-rated Indoor basketball arcade game sets (external link) currently available in the market.

6) Dungeon World

Last on the list is a very popular fantasy tabletop role-playing game – Dungeon World. Being a beginner RPG game, it’s perfect for anyone who is new to the scene and an excellent option for adults and to an extent for kids. RPG games have a peculiar game play that first-timers may find tricky to understand initially. That said, once you get the hang of it, there is no looking back.

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The game is an adventurous journey learning magic spells, gathering gold and killing witches. And it does not have a dead-end or pre-defined outcome. It all comes down to how you play the game and how you want it to proceed.


The pandemic of coronavirus may just be a blessing in disguise, helping you spend quality time with your family and build more meaning to your relationship. In this fast world, the family often takes a backseat due to work commitment, and time like these presents a great opportunity to rekindle the missing things in life. 

We sincerely hope you liked our suggestion and could pick the right game for your family. Till then, stay safe!

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