5 Best Living Room Trends In 2023

The living room is a tricky beast in interior design. It almost tricks you with its simplicity. All you need is a few chairs, a sofa, maybe some plants, some lamps and a television. See? Simple.

Except it isn’t. Sure, you can lay out your living room with all the things mentioned above and leave it at that, but you’ll be left with a room that feels plain, boring, and uninspired.

Coming up with a theme for the living room is so worth it. Just think, the living room is the place where you, your family and any guests will be spending the most time.

It is a place of comfort and relaxation – the heart of the whole house. In this way, it needs to be given proper attention and really feel like a room that you want to be in.

With this in mind, what are the most popular trends that people have been utilising in 2023? Of course, as with any room, it’s important to stamp your own imprint onto it and not just copy others. But there’s nothing wrong with gleaning some inspiration elsewhere, especially if you’re working hard to find that first spark of creativity. 

Here are five of the best 2023 living room trends and how they might work in your own space:

Modern, Modern, Modern

One of the most notable themes in 2023 is the removal of traditional layouts. Although living rooms are normally pretty formulaic, many people are getting rid of any preconceived arrangements and starting completely from scratch.

This then makes the living room feel unique, personable, and modern. It can also be done with living room furniture sets, too. You don’t need to get sets just because they look like they belong in a living room. Branch out your possibilities, and don’t be afraid to choose something completely different to what you – and your living room – are used to!

Warm Neutrals

Although living rooms in 2022 tended to be a bit more vivid, with deep reds, blues and greens taking over a lot of walls, in 2023, this is beginning to change. A new trend that is coming into fashion includes warm, simple neutrals like light blues, peach-pinks, and beige colours like mushroom, ecru, and sable.

We Like It Curvy

A slightly more unique theme that people are running with is curved features. This includes upholstery, barrel chairs, round pillows, curved accessories, and even doorways – although you would need to know how to renovate a living room to do that! The reason this trend is so popular is not only because it adds an interesting spin to living rooms, but because of the serenity, calmness, and relaxation it radiates – almost as if you’re surrounded by soft, rolling waves in the middle of the ocean.

A Hint Of Nature

Bringing the outdoors into the indoors has long been a popular interior design theme, but in 2023, it appears to be going even further. Many living rooms this year have been finding a way to include more plant life and flowers, making the room feel like it’s almost merging into the natural world. However, if you do end up choosing this theme, it is important that your walls and furniture are neutral. This will avoid any clashes and ensure that your living room space remains coherent.

Lighting As Decoration

Lastly, many people have been going for statement lighting pieces – in other words, lights that are not just practical accessories but beautiful in their own right. Once again, it is important to think carefully about the sort of light you are getting and how it fits with your living room furniture sets. As we mentioned before, it can be easy to get a little too excited and end up with a living room that is more confused than you’d hoped for!


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