5 Best Things to Do in Cambridge

There are few English cities as iconic as Cambridge. Famous for its prestigious university dating back to 1209, there are rich history and culture to discover in Cambridge as well as stunning surrounding natural beauty. It is also somewhere that is easy to reach with Thameslink offering a regular service between Kings Cross and Cambridge. So, what are the best things to do here?

1. See the Colleges

It would be wrong to come to Cambridge and not visit the prestige colleges found throughout. These places are important historical landmarks as well as beautiful buildings, including Corpus Christi College, Christ’s College, St. John’s College, and the breathtaking King’s College Chapel.

2. Punting

Punting is a quintessential Cambridge experience and a fun activity that also allows you to take in the beauty of the city. The meandering River Cam splits the city in two and punting will give you a great chance to see many of the main highlights, including many of the iconic colleges.

3. Market Square

You can spend a lot of time wandering through the cobbled streets and this will see you inevitably end up at Market Square, which is another major highlight and a chance to soak up the atmosphere and see how the locals (and students) live. Market Square is home to all kinds of cool independent traders, stalls, cafes, and pubs so you can easily kill a few hours chilling out here.

4. Botanic Gardens

Cambridge University’s breathtaking Botanic Gardens spread over 40 acres and it is a fantastic place to come and relax, enjoy a picnic, and get lost in the maze of foliage found here. The relaxed atmosphere and stunning natural beauty gives it a magical feel and somewhat that you can easily spend many hours either exploring or lounging on the grass.

5. Cycle Hire

Cycling has always been popular in Cambridge as it is an easy and affordable way for students to get around, but also because the city is modestly sized and largely flat. It is the perfect place to explore by bike and will give you the chance to take in the whole city, plus you can easily stop and chain your bike up practically anywhere.

Cambridge is one of England’s finest and most historic cities and these are just a few of the best activities to make the most out of your trip here. It is quite unlike anywhere else in the UK with a unique atmosphere and these activities should help you to enjoy this. 


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