5 Best Weekend Getaways from Pune for a Rejuvenating Retreat

Pune is a large city in Maharashtra just a 3-4 hours drive from Mumbai which is the capital city of the state. This is a hub for the Maharashtrian culture in the state and over the last few decades has become a modern Indian city. This is a city that is home to a diverse population and some of the young people in the city like to work hard and party harder.


Weekends are a time when “Punekars” relax and look to have a good time. There are many weekend getaways which are the top choice for people from Pune to visit on weekends. The following are some of the details of some weekend getaways from Pune:


Kolad is a village in the Raigad district in the western regions of Maharashtra near the coastline. This is a weekend destination in Maharashtra located on the Mumbai Goa Highway which is the National Highway 17 in Maharashtra.


There are many resorts in the area and the Kundalika River in this area is known for river rafting and camping sites on its banks. There are many forts in the area worth visiting and Kuda caves nearby are popular with tourists. There are many adventure sports camps in Kolad making it a top weekend destination from Pune.

Pawna Lake

A top weekend mini-vacation spot for people from Mumbai and Pune is Pawna Lake. This is an artificial lake in the region around Pune and is located just 25 km from Lonavala which is a hill station between Mumbai and Pune. This lake was created when the Pawna Dam was built on the Pawna River.

This lake has many prominent forts nearby which are worth exploring for people visiting Pawna Dam area for a weekend getaway. Pawna Lake is a top picnic spot for tourists and many families from Mumbai and Pune visit Pawna Lake area for a picnic. Many camping tours for the weekend can be planned at the Pawna Lake area as it is a popular camping site in the region.


Kamshet is located in the Pune district and is a top weekend destination for tourists. It is located close to Khandala and Lonavala and this is a rural picnic spot for people from Mumbai and Pune.

The Vadiwale Lake in the area is a major attraction which is an artificial lake formed because of the Uksan Dam. Other attractions in the region include Karla Caves, Bedsa Caves, and Bhaja Caves.  There are many temples in the area worth visiting and a major attraction in Kamshet is paragliding.


Lonavala is a major hill station in Western Maharashtra and very close to the city of Pune. This is a hill station located between Pune and Mumbai and people from both cities visit Lonavala often for a weekend getaway. There are so many things you can do in Pune for making a perfect weekend.

Some of the places of interest in this region include Rajmachi Point, Valvan Dam area, Lonavala Lake, Duke’s Nose, Lohagarh Fort, and Bhushi Dam. There are forts, theme parks, resorts and gardens in Lonavala and because of its hill station whether it is a top weekend getaway in the region.


Panchgani is a top hill station in the Satara District very close to Pune. It is a tourist vacation hotspot for people from Mumbai and Pune and is also known for top boarding schools in the state. This is a hill station that is known for its rolling hills, great climate and tourists visit Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar at the same time.


The attractions include Sydney Point, Table Land, and Parsi Point. This is a region that is known for its fruits, jams, and jellies. Mala’s fruit products are famous and so are jellies and jams by Mapro. Mapro fruit gardens are also a great picnic spot in the region.


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