5 Important Things that an International Kindergarten Must Have

5 Important Things that an International Kindergarten Must Have

Having our kids learn things at an International Kindergarten at an earlier age gives them many benefits. However, even though it gives many benefits, you can’t just choose any kindergarten school for your kids. We are talking about kindergarten with an international standard of education here. So, at least, the school must have several things we mentioned below for the best education that your kids can get.

1.     A Good Team of Educators

Educators hold an important role in supporting children’s development during their time in kindergarten. So, having the best team of educators is one of the important aspects of a good international kindergarten. With help from the best educator, our kids will learn easily at the kindergarten.

Furthermore, the good team of educators doesn’t only teach the kids about the study material. A proven and certified educator also can nurture our kids’ social skills. This is very important. By having a good relationship with teachers and friends in the same kindergarten, your kids will also grow much faster.

2.             A Good Location

The location of the school is also an important part here. A school that is located in a good location will help you to easily reach it from your house. It helps the commute. You save more time and energy, as well as money that you use for transportation to take your kids to their school.

A good location also means that that school is built near important public facilities, such as hospitals, police stations and such. It is very helpful when there are some problems at the school. For example, when the student feels not well, and the nursery in the school can’t handle it, the staff can take them to the easy-to-reach hospital. 

3.             A Good School Curriculum

The main reason people enroll their kids in international kindergarten is so they get the international standard education. However, not all kindergartens that use international standards have a study curriculum that can be classified as a good one. You need to find out what kind of learning standard they use to teach their students.

One of the best curriculums that an international kindergarten can use is the British Early Years Curriculum. This standard uses the play-based learning that is perfect for the kids in the age where they start learning. Furthermore, the learning method also is designed by using child-led inquiry to stimulate their communication skill. This method makes them more active and brave. Your kids will experience a heuristic learning style. It is fun and improves their creativity.

4.             It Has Custom-built Facility

The facility won’t only give a comfortable room to learn many things for the students. But, a good school will incorporate the facility it has and uses, with the study method it is used. This method will stimulate the learning process every second the student spends their time in the facility. With the constant stimulation to the brain like this, it will activate the brain cells regularly. And, it affects the development of kids’ intelligence level.

Speaking about the facility, it also includes the outdoor facility. As we all know, the learning process is not only held inside a classroom. The outdoor activity even gives a much better effect and result for your kids. Therefore, you also need to check the school’s outdoor facility. If it also can provide a great number of learning opportunities, that is a good sign of a good international kindergarten for your kids.

5.             Proper Safety and Protection for Students

Last but not least, safety and protection for students is the most important thing here. The frontline of this element is the staff. The staff should have certification and passed the training to provide safety for the students. Moreover, the facility also has to include the best protection, which is better if it uses the latest technology for this purpose. This feature will protect students from any incident or even a threat from outside the school.


Those are important features that an International Kindergarten must include in its facility as well as a teaching method. Understanding this matter will help you to choose the best school for early education for your kids. And, with the best school, you can expect the best result from it.

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