5 Reasons To Switch Business Water Provider

Water bills are, for lack of a better phrase, a hidden charge in plain sight. While they are necessary for businesses, a tricky water bill can be the difference between things going smoothly and having a service that any business owner will dread thinking about every month.

 For anyone out there running their own business and trying to keep bills under control, there are ways you can get a better deal in the long term on everything from the amount of water used to the level of wastewater you get rid of. It starts by knowing that it is easier than you think to switch business water providers. In fact, if you research correctly, you could end up saving a lot on your bills and giving yourself fewer headaches when thinking about your water usage.

Don’t believe me? Here are five reasons you might want to think about switching business water providers.

1.The Tariff Trick

Do you know how much a drop in water costs? Obviously, it’s a bit of a vague or loaded question to ask, but every business owner should have a rough idea of what the water charges are. It will always be based on a tariff, and you may not be surprised to know that this figure can change if you’re good at bartering.

 Get in touch with your current provider and ask them what your current water tariff is, why it is set at that rate, and whether it can be lowered if you agree to a long-term contract.

2. You Probably Don’t Know Who Your Provider is

 It’s surprising to me how many business owners don’t know why a specific company is their water provider. Many small business owners will inherit a provider when they move into a new location assuming that the provider is the sole entity in the area.

This is far from the case. You should quickly be able to find out who all the water providers in your area are. You will also find out they are quite competitive with each other and will jump at the chance to have you join as a new customer.

And if you’re working in a commercial or retail unit which has similar businesses in the area, talk to your neighbors and ask them simple questions like how much they are paying for bills, what their providers give them, and what their tariff is. It may be the case that you both have the same provider but are on different tariffs, giving you both a reason to contact your provider for a better deal.

3. You Could Get Access to Better Services

Your water bill is more than a bill. It is, rather, a statement for the services you are being provided, even those you never knew were included. Some providers don’t make it clear what you are entitled to as a customer. Call them and ask for a specific list of water services that are included in your bill. You may find out they provide assistance with cleaning and recycling efforts but don’t make a big deal about it as it would incur a cost on their end.

4. Your Bills Can Finally be Accurate

 Going back briefly to what I said about tariffs, double-check that your water bills are genuinely reflective of the figure on your meter. Ask your provider if they can help with upgrading to a digital or smart meter, which will capture the precise figure and send that information over, rather than your retailer being dependent on you providing a figure every few months or estimating and overcharging you.

5. You Could Get Free Upgrades

Water retailers are very competitive, and it’s a good idea to think of them in the same way you would think about your Internet or TV provider. Shop around and ask what different retailers can provide your business. And don’t be afraid to tell them you’ve been talking to other providers in the area as this may incentivize them to give you a better deal, and talk about carrying out upgrades in your internal water network which would otherwise cost a lot of money. For example, a water retailer might promise that they will send a specialist to do a complete audit of internal operations and see if there are any kinks in the chain.

Feel like Giving a Switch a go?

If you’re based in the UK, I recommend giving Castle Water a call or visiting their site here. As a water retailer, they specialize in business water services and working with business customers who want to lower water bills. They can help with much of what I’ve laid out here and would be able to tell you if there’s a chance prices could come down. Even if it is just to compare tariffs as I mentioned earlier, it’s worth a go.


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