The 5-Step Guide to Fixing Your Broken Washing Machine

When your washing machine is malfunctioning, it can seem like an emergency. Getting washing machine repair from a professional is a good way to handle the issue. However, in some cases, you can manage the problem on your own. This five-step guide will help you through the process. You have the option to choose washing machine repair service near me.

Make Sure the Power Is on and the Washing Machine Is Plugged In

The first step in washing machine repair is making sure the appliance has power. First, check whether the power is on in the room to begin with. If not, you may need to move to step two. If that isn’t the issue, find the outlet where the washing machine is plugged in to be certain it is inserted in the socket and ready to go.

Check the Circuit Breaker or Fuse Box

Assuming the first step didn’t resolve the issue, go to your fuse box or circuit breaker. If the fuse is blown, it will need to be replaced. For those with a circuit box, flip the breaker for the area of the home with the washer. Then turn it back on and check for changes.

Look for Buttons Pressed Down

If these steps don’t help, go to your washing machine and see which buttons are pressed down. If the “Control Lock” or “Delay Start” buttons are pressed, this will prevent the washing machine from running. Press them again and see if that causes any improvement with the issue.

Open and Close the Door

This might seem too crazy to work, but sometimes opening and closing the door will be enough to make your washing machine operate again. It’s as simple as it sounds so give it a shot.

Clean Out the Washing Machine

The last step to take on your own is cleaning the washing machine. Clean the inside, the door, and the top on a regular basis for the best results. Use water and baking soda or vinegar to run a cycle and it should improve your washing machine issues.

If you worked through the steps here and your washing machine is still on the fritz, it’s time to work with a professional like Hilton Appliance Repairs. Look into washing machine repair so you can catch up on laundry and make sure your appliances are in top working order.


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