5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Website Builder


All businesses that want to be in demand among the online customers need to be present on the web. It absolutely doesn’t matter is you run a small business or just plan to launch a startup. Gone are the days when you needed to invest a fortune in the development of the custom-made design for your web project. Today, you may feel free to choose from a wide range of ready-made designs that can be used as the foundation for your own web resource. Moreover, you can create websites code-free with the help of website builders.

Drag-and-drop website builders do not require special design or coding skills in order to be handled. Choosing a website builder you save extra cash that you could have spent to pay for the services of designers and developers. Moreover, the biggest part of page builders feature collections of pre-designed web themes. It can help you to build versatile web pages without any prior coding skills. We want to help you make the choice and pick the website builder that will match your needs and expectations perfectly well. So we came up with the idea to share the list of the top 5 must-follow tips.

Is It Trustworthy Enough?

When you decide to launch a website, you need to make sure that the services that you use for its launch are reliable and trustworthy enough. Choosing a website builder, you commonly purchase a package that contains a domain name and hosting services.  This means that when you decide to get straight to the web page development, you will have everything needed for the site development at hand. A safe hosting provider and a domain name guarantee that nothing will happen to your site if someone decides to attack it.

Although there is no way to predict the future, you’d better take certain precautions while choosing a website builder for your future web project. So,

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Although there is no way to predict the future, you’d better take certain precautions while choosing a website builder for your future web project. First and foremost, you should know how long does it take to build a website. The next step that you need to take is making sure is the time for how long the site builder you are interested in has been in the business. If the developers of the site builder have been on the market for less than a year, then they may be too “young” to rely on. Сheck out the reputation of the site builder. You have to take it into consideration before making the final decision. Take a look at the user reviews, online reputation in search engines, and social media. A great place to look up site builders’ reputation is the reviews section on their Facebook fan page.

Are Support and Updates Included?

It’s likely that you will need qualified technical assistance when you start working with a website builder on your own. So, while choosing a website builder make sure that the expert technical support is included in the pack.

The web develops all the time, as well as the web builders and other solutions that one needs to create online projects. You want to keep your web page up-to-date? Then make sure that the website builder that you consider using for the site development includes regular updates.

Not every site builder includes the same level of support for their customers. Some only feature the email support. It means that you will need to wait for some time before your request is taken into work. Some others offer 24/7 chat and phone support, which is better than email support. Also some other site builders provide help via forums or online documentation base, which could mean that you will spend a long time before you find the answer you a specific question.

What Are Payments and Terms?

Before you spend time creating an account on the site builder’s web page and start looking for the best website template to create a site, check out if there are any specific types of payment methods. Does the site builder support the payment methods that are popular in your country? How frequently will you be charged? Do you need to pay monthly or the service provider offers the 1-time payment only?

One more thing that you need to consider is checking out the Refund Policy. If the site builder doesn’t include the option to apply for a refund in case you don’t receive satisfaction with the quality of services being provides, then it’s better to look for another alternative. Website builder includes a money-back guarantee? Then take a look at the terms of conditions of applying for a refund.

Is There a Trial or Free Package Provided?

It’s logical that you want to try how a certain product or service works before making a purchase. Many site builders offer free trial versions of their services. So, if you hesitate whether or not is worth choosing a specific website builder, then get the free package in order to check if everything works just fine. Most of the site builders allow you to sign up for the time-limited free trials and feature-limited packages in order to let buyers test the main features and capabilities that are included in the premium packages. In such a way, you can try how several of the selected page builders perform before making the final decision.

Are There Any Specific Features Available?

All site builders include unique sets of features and tools that vary them from the competitors. Some of them are very simple, providing only basic tools. Others offer more complex toolsets. For example, a limited site builder will provide with the basic social media buttons and a few port layouts. A more advanced page builder will include custom widgets to include social media feeds, display maps, integrated newsletter subscription form into your site, and much more. In certain cases, you will be given the chance to bring changes to the source code. And after all bring some specific feature to your online project. The latter will be especially useful for more advanced webmasters.

Final Words

We hope that the aforementioned 5 tips will help you choose the best website builder that will provide you with the expected toolset and the high level of security to create business website. Have you ever tried building sites code-free? What’s the top website builder of your choice?

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