5 Things That Will Transform Your Home

2020 has been a challenging year for most of us and we all wanted change. Most of us may have been dreaming of decluttering and transforming our home to have a fresh start. We may not have a big budget in renovating our house from scratch, there are certain things that you want to change in order to make it look new.

These simple tips might even add value if you come to sell your home, after making a few of these changes, you can find out how much your home might be worth by visiting The Property Buying Company.

Let’s take a look at some things you can alter for a more aesthetically pleasing home:

1. Floorings

Floorings may seem insignificant but it contributes to the overall appeal of a house. It determines how clean and organized it is when you look at the floor. While some people prefer tiles, it is not advisable to all areas of the house as it is the most slippery when wet. Hardwood on the other hand, is vulnerable from scratches and can get seriously damaged with excessive moisture. As an alternative, you may opt for the best laminate flooring and add an elegant look to your house. Laminate floorings are made from pressed wood which is more sturdy and easier to clean. Make sure to match the flooring and blend it with the house furniture, as well as the color of the walls of the house.

2. Curtains and Blinds

Aside from the common purpose of guarding your home against sunlight, rainfall, and other elements, you can fully utilize these by choosing the design and color that compliments every area of your home. Make your bedroom cozy by adding a light-colored roman blinds to the windows and pair it with a darker shade of curtain. This can both help you block the light outside when you want to rest, as well as, welcome the sunshine when you wake up in the morning. Make sure that each curtain you use together has the same height and choose a material that you can machine wash instead of dry-cleaning to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

3. Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is your ideal space for rest and relaxation. As much as possible, avoid placing your television inside the bedroom and let them be in the living area instead. If you only have a few clothes that you use, match it with a wardrobe that doesn’t invade too much space in your room. Avoid placing a lot of unnecessary items and home decors in this area and only keep the essential pieces of furniture – your bed, wardrobe, a bedside table and a relaxing couch.

4. Kitchen

Transforming the kitchen area need not to be expensive. You just need to have enough lighting and ventilation in the area. To add personality to it, you can install a backsplash or repaint the walls with a lighter color. Make sure that every appliance has its own space, keep the utensils organized in a drawer, and keep the countertops clean and dry. If you have extra budget, invest in an elegant organizer and buy a set of cute canisters.

5. Lighting

Believe it or not, lighting affects our mood and overall well being. Bring in the natural light as much as possible. It is a cheap and healthier alternative for expensive chandeliers that could only collect dust in the later run. Switch to LED lights and avoid colored bulbs that are too harsh to the eyes. Add more light sources in every area of your house and make sure to ask for an lighting electrician help in installing new lights. Transforming your house isn’t just about throwing the old pieces of furniture and buying new ones. It is not also about making a larger space in the house. Transforming your home can be done by regularly decluttering the house, letting go of the unnecessary items, and choosing items that blend well with other things at home. Lastly, you don’t have to exactly copy the elegant interior design you see online. Instead, make it an inspiration and alter your home only according to your needs and budget.


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