5 Ways You Can Save by Improving Your Home

Ways You Can Save by Improving Your Home

Making home improvements is a great way to get your property to be more comfortable and functional. The right projects can see you boost the value of your home considerably, and this is the reason why you need to carefully pick the home improvements to work on. Additionally, it’s essential that you have these projects done by a professional so that they’re done to the best standards. This article will look at five ways in which you can save money by improving your home.

1. Switching to Propane

When you make the switch to propane, you can boost your home’s savings over time. That’s because propane, apart from being cleaner, is a lot more efficient than natural gas for uses like cooking and heating the house. According to Energy for Everyone, it produces up to 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions means that it can help you make your home more sustainable. While it may cost you a tidy sum to make the switch and set up propane systems for your home, it will be worth it in the long run.

2. Replacing Your Old Water Heater

Think about how much you and your family rely on your water heater. It’s likely to wear down after years of use, and if ignored, fail completely. On this note, keep in mind that, according to Hammer Restoration, 75% of water heaters fail before they reach 12 years. If yours is nearing this age, you should think about replacing it. This is going to boost your home’s efficiency and help you save.

3. Sealing Plumbing Leaks

It’s important for you to have your home’s plumbing inspected frequently by a professional. That’s because it could develop issues like leaks, which will see you pay for water that you’re not even using. It’s important to fix them the moment they occur because small leaks can have a tremendous impact on your property.

According to Plumb Fit Inc, 10% of households in America have leaks in their plumbing. These leaks can waste up to a whole 90 gallons of water per day. Leaving leaks in your plumbing could also expose your family to contamination if organisms and contaminants make their way into the system and end up being used by your family.

4. Servicing Your HVAC

This is one of the more affordable home improvements to work on. If you call a professional to service your HVAC as often as it’s recommended to do, it’s going to run more efficiently and require less power to optimally function. To improve the savings that you get as a result of your AC even more, you could install a programmable thermostat. This smart technology can help you keep the home comfortable in an affordable way as you can control it remotely and won’t have to run your AC all day. Talk to an HVAC professional to learn more about the costs associated with having a programmable thermostat installed in your home.

5. Replacing Your Home’s Windows

Finally, if your home has single-pane, drafty windows from ages ago, they may be leaking the treated indoor air to the outdoors, replacing it with cold drafts and vice versa. This means that if you can afford to make an upgrade to them, you can save a lot over time as your home will maintain temperatures a lot more easily. Additionally, you’ll boost the curb appeal of your home and enjoy having a gorgeous house.

If you make these five improvements to your home, you can end up making considerable savings. Take the time to plan for them so that you can reap maximum benefits from them. As a result, you’ll end up getting more money out than you put into the improvements.

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