8 Essential Things to Consider While Going for Ghost Hunting


Ghost hunting involves investigating areas that are haunted by ghosts. You will, therefore, need equipment that will help you detect spirits and take photos of paranormal activities. Without proper preparation, the activity can turn out to be dangerous. Below are some important considerations while going for ghost hunting.

1. Never Go Alone

You may be tempted to go ghost hunting alone. Well, you should resist this urge. Ensure that a friend or group of friends accompany you for your ghost hunting mission.  They will not only come to your aid if things go south but also help to validate ghost manifestations. It is also important to let your family or friends know where you are going. Besides, it is essential to carry your identity card with you.

2. Gathering Information

Like in any investigation, ensure you gather enough facts by interviewing witnesses and examining the site. You should only pursue the case if it is promising. If there are recurrent phenomena of the area being haunted by a ghost, you should monitor the area by yourself. You should shun any notion of the place and be objective as you access the location.

3. Equipment you Need for Ghost Hunting

A ghost hunting equipment is a prerequisite for the success of your adventure. You need to have a pen and paper, flashlights with enough batteries, a phone, and a ghost hunting camera. Advanced ghost hunters can invest in audio recorders, video cameras and digital laser thermometer. For example, the latest phone models have a high-quality camera. If you want to make the experience a notch higher, invest in an infrared or thermal camera. Thermal cameras are essential in tracking spirits. If you are not sure about which camera to purchase check out, check thermal camera reviews inline like ThermalCameras.guide’s review of the FLIR c3.

4. Recording Investigation Events

You need to keep track of the investigation events by taking good notes. Even if you are filming the investigation, the camera may not capture all angles at the same time. Also, it cannot show personal experiences such as impression and touch. You should, therefore, put down notes on significant things and any explanations. This ensures you have potent proof of life after death. You can use the obituaries to people who occupied the place you are investigating.

5. Are You Well Prepared?

Prepare carefully before embarking on a ghost hunting activity and research about the hauntings. Ensure you have fully charged devices. Also, ensure the camera settings are correct so that you do not have set them during the ghost hunt. Ghost hunters claim that ghosts can drain batteries. You should, therefore, ensure your devices are fully charged. Also, carry extra batteries with you. Also, ensure that the date and time settings are correct. Here is another important thing. Wear comfortable walking shoes and carry enough flashlights. If you have long hair, ensure you tie it at the back.

6. Cost

Ghost hunting will cost you a good amount of money, especially in buying ghost hunting equipment. Primarily, you will need digital voice recorders, infrared cameras, and electromagnetic field (EMF) meters. You will also need a device that can measure radiation such as Geiger counters.

7. Safety

Your safety when ghost hunting is very important. If you prepare well and do your research well in advance, your ghost hunting will be not only safe but also exciting. You should also carry a ghost hunting kit. A good ghost hunter will avoid disturbing angry spirits.

8. Find a Readily Accessible Location

Before setting out to hunt ghosts, check out places where there have been paranormal activities. Ensure the place is easily accessible. Avoid trespassing; otherwise, you risk a legal suit. You must know where you are heading and how to get there. If you want to investigate a private property, it is prudent that you get permission from the owner.


Ensure you have honed your observation skills. Use your facts to derive meaningful probabilities. The information will help to connect the person who lived in that place with the paranormal activity. Lastly, follow your instinct in your ghost hunting adventure.


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