8 ways to make your house stand out during the sale

There is so much competition in the housing market that selling a house sometimes seems like an impossible task. Nothing could be further from the truth, because with these eight simple tips it goes a lot faster than you think.

1. Choose the right price

When selling your house, it’s all about three pillars: location, condition, and price. The latter is by far the most important. Buyers forget the condition and even a moderate location if the price is right. But the opposite also applies: buyers immediately banish your home from their thoughts if it’s too expensive. Choosing the right price for your home is therefore very important. Thus, base the price on similar properties that have been sold recently in your neighborhood, not on homes that are offered for sale. Let a broker advise you on this.

2. Depersonalize

Pretend you are moving and remove all personal items. Get rid of those photo frames on the cupboard and inspiring spells on the wall and put cards and other items out of sight. Remember that potential buyers want to visualize that it’s their house that they view. It can be harder for them if there are personal items everywhere in the house.

Also, make sure that your house is clean and tidy. Put three quarters of the accessories, books, pillows, and candles in a removal box, do not leave clothing lying around and also store towels and tea towels. It’s important that your house is empty but still has an atmosphere.

3. Light and airy

Open those curtains and windows and let your house air well before every viewing. Also, a house filled with light looks fresh and more spacious. Empty all windowsills and make sure there is no furniture that blocks the light. Place sufficient light sources. During dark days you can switch on the lamps during viewings. This way a viewer enters the room full of light.

4. A homely feeling

Your house is now tidy and clean, but it should not be too bare. A vase of fresh flowers on the table makes it cozy and gives viewers a pleasant feeling upon entering.

Also, a few neutral accessories such as pillows on the couch, luxury towels in the bathroom and candles in the house give interested people the feeling that the house is living.

And yes, that freshly baked apple pie really works. The scent immediately gives your house something cosy and familiar. If you need some inspiration on how the ideal house for sale should look like, visit Hilton Head Island Real Estate.

5. Show

Most of the potential buyers are now searching online. Thus, you should make your house visible at real estate websites and on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The more people are aware that you want to sell your house, the greater the chance that there is a potential buyer. Provide a catchy text and place multiple photos. Researchers proved that homes with more than six photos are viewed twice as often by interested people than homes with fewer than six photos.

Making a video is even better for sales. Walkthrough your home with a camera and tell as you film why this is the best buy they can do. Don’t forget to mention how nice the area is, what your favorite coffee shop is in the area and that the bakery on the corner makes the tasty sandwiches. By telling enthusiastically about your house, buyers can visualize what their life in your house can look like.

6. Make sure that the entrance is neat

Paint the front door, place new flowers in the front garden or plant a pot near the front door and remove any weeds before. The front of your house is the first thing a potential buyer sees and that first impression can be better. Of course, you should also ensure that any balcony or back garden looks neat.

7. Logically arranged

Potential buyers are sensitive to the right atmosphere and like to imagine the functionality of their new home. Messy rooms don’t usually fit their ideal picture. Therefore, give each room a clear function to show what is possible. Transform a mess room into a guest room with a simple guest bed. And turn the attic into a spacious office by placing a desk there.

8. Find a flexible broker

Yes, they really still exist: brokers who only want to schedule a viewing between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Anyone interested who wants to see your house early in the morning, in the evening or on the weekend can forget it. Not handy, because who knows this is the person who wants to make an offer. So go for a flexible broker and immediately check the broker’s presentation. After all, you want that person to tell a personal story about your house and not to chat up a standard chat.


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