Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Review

Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Review

adobe premiere elements

Adobe Premiere Elements 15 is one of my favorite in this list and one of the best video editing software in the market, with Adobe has several tools to enhance and edit projects quickly, with the new audio cleaning feature and easy uploading to Facebook and YouTube. and with many other features you can make a professional productions with amazing special effects, sound, title, Adobe is one top-notch Choice in the list

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  • Easy to use
  • Easy upload to facebook and YouTube
  • Good output options
  • Slower than some competitors
Bottom Line

Adobe Premiere Elements is good-performing, good speed, and easy to upload to YouTube, make it one of our best Video Editing software

Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Review

adobe premiere elements editingAdobe Premiere Elements adds a few interesting features, but nothing of an oh-wow nature. Its most updated feature is being able to share content via YouTube,and fast upload to Facebook. Adobe has also improved the Premiere Elements speed with the latest version, but with annoying Welcome screen which will delays getting to the editor.

Main features of Adobe Premiere Elements

adobe premiere cutPremiere Elements has a nicely revised workspace, with the end-to-end metadata workflow, users can now easily add metadata to clips with Adobe OnLocation software while doing editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. To organize assets in a more efficient way, users can utilize the speech recognition technology to produce text-based metadata. The metadata can then be used for web publishing, for helping in unlocking new revenue streams, and for enabling searchable video. Spoken dialogue in videos can even be turned into timecode-accurate, text-based, searchable metadata.

The Capture mode, which you enter by clicking the large Capture button at the top, lets you record from a connected Within Elements Organizer, there are four tabs that allow you to access most critical functions. The Organize tab allows for sorting, tagging and searching of clips and photos as well as protecting them with automatic online backup. The Fix tab provides easy-to-use but effective editing features. Create is where you can make InstantMovies, which we discuss in the Ease of Use section of this review. It also allows you to create slide shows and print creations. Finally, the Share tab is the key to uploading to the internet in a variety of ways..

Adobe Premiere Elements Ease of Use

adobe premiere projectsAdobe Premiere is a real-time video editing software application that is timeline-based. This software is developed and released by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Adobe Premiere Pro is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, which includes other software for graphic design. The programs that are included in the Adobe Creative Suite can be purchased separately. The Adobe Premier, even when purchased separately, still comes with the Adobe OnLocation and Adobe Encore. Premiere Pro provides support for various video editing cards and plug-ins for extra file format support, audio/video effects, and faster processing. The latest version, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, offers many new and powerful features that will surely delight video editors and other creative professionals..

Adobe Premiere Pro also allows users to create SWF file versions of their Blu-ray and DVD projects for the web, which can include menus, customization HTML templates, DVD interactivity, and URL links. This can even be done without having to open another application. The optimized encode settings found in Adobe Media Encoder will also help editors reduce encoding time when exporting for progressive download or streaming. Productivity and efficiency is also improved when using Adobe Premiere Pro

Editing Tools

adobe premiere dvdPremiere Elements includes many Power Tools and fixes that help users to enhance their footage and produce stunning video effortlessly. Clip entry, trimming, and splitting are a snap in Premiere Elements, Also with Premiere Elements full set of editing tools lets you control everything from key-frame to audio. With Premiere Elements you can edit lighting, rotation, cropping, clipping. It also offers auto contrast, auto levels. A quibble is that it would be nice if you could double-click on the effect thumbnail to apply it, rather than having to click the Apply button. After applying, most effects offer further control from the Edit Effects button. In all, there are over 80 effects you can apply, in groups like distort, stylize, and transform.

Premiere Elements 15 has some additional editing capabilities to help with audio problems. Six new audio effects–Audio Polish, Auto Mute, Cleaner, Hum Remover, Noise Fader, and Noise Reducer–are mostly automated tools designed to solve common issues. As with any filter, the results they produce depend on the quality of the video.

Transition options are plentiful, and, as with effects, I like how you can choose a type from a dropdown like 3D motion, dissolve, iris, or page peel. And a search box lets you enter the name of the one you’re looking for.  doesn’t have the search, which makes it harder to find the transition you want.

Cone of the New features in effects for version 15 is the NewBlue Cartoon Plus, which attempts to give your video a cartoon drawing effect. Its results were pretty interesting, if not a total replacement for human cartoon animators or Pixar Studios. It did offer a wealth of adjustments like density, cleanup, width, mix, layers, and nine paint options.

Adobe Premiere Elements performed solidly throughout our testing, the rendering performance was excellent, and the quality of the generated video files was excellent


Adobe Premiere Elements is complete and has very good speed and powerful advanced features to beginner video editor to intermediate users with solid performance comparing to other software, we highly recommended, and it’s one of our best Video Editing Software in the market.

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