Are You New At Blockudoku? Here Are The Must-Know Basics


Blockudoku is one of the popular puzzle games that you can play for fun or break the boredom. It’s a combination of two famous games: Sudoku and tile-matching. If you’ve never played this game before, don’t be surprised to find out that you’ve lost track of your time just after beginning the game. It’s simple but will challenge and addict you in ways you’ll never imagine.

To play this block puzzle game, you need to drag blocks on a board and fill lines to remove them. Keeping the board clear makes you attain higher scores. Its gameplay has many sleek combos, engaging perks, an alternative wooden interface, and streak visualization.

Here are some basic strategies that can help you to solve more levels and attain higher scores:

  1. Be Patient

It may be a little bit tempting to want to eliminate the blocks as fast as possible to break your time record. However, this may lead you to many errors that may eventually block your path towards the right answer. Therefore, it’s vital to be patient and find ways of eliminating more blocks in lesser moves. That way, you’ll attain higher scores while using less effort.

  1. Don’t Be Rigid

If you want to score more in this game, you must keep your mind and eyes open. Following a few tricks that you’ve acquired may not help you clear as much space as you want. Instead, you may mix up things and make finding a solution difficult. It would be best to be flexible with your solving strategies and keep on learning as you solve the puzzle. There’s no one way of finding solutions.

Playing the puzzle with friends may be a great way of getting more techniques of going about it. When you combine their tricks and yours, you’ll have more ways of creating solutions.

  1. Take One Step At A Time

Solving all puzzles, including Blockudoku, requires concentration. Though it may be fulfilling to destroy multiple boxes and lines at once, this shouldn’t be your ultimate aim because it may tempt you to guess.

Attaining higher scores in this puzzle requires concentrating on one area at a time. It would be best to select the simple boxes to eliminate before going to the more complex ones. This type of organization will take you a long way in completing the levels.

  1. Focus On Streaks

Gaining points on Blockudoku is dependent on squares and streaks. For every successful streak that you achieve, you’ll get above 9 points. This is the shortcut to scoring more and going to higher levels. While doing this, you may also want to avoid making special figures because they make you lose out on better moves and prevent you from making perfect pieces.

  1. Avoiding Building Walls

Though patience is vital when playing Blockudoku, experts advise that you don’t have to wait for the correct combinations to come up because it’ll slow your gameplay. Remember that as you wait, other pieces will still be falling from your screen and may quickly get you out of moves if you don’t fix them in their right positions. Therefore, it’s vital to balance the game and avoid building a wall.

Wrapping Up

Every game has its rules and regulations, and Blockudoku isn’t an exception. These few strategies can help you to get a hack of the game and score high points.


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