Benefits of Body Spray


Today you will find different types of body sprays in the market like people usually apply as perfume on different parts of the body after bathing but using them does not stop your sweat but the body that comes through your sweat.  Eliminates odors.  Also in the market you will find body sprays of different companies and body spray made from different fragrances for men and women is available in different shops in the market.


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Do you know what chemicals are added to these body sprays and how they react with your body and also how you can make body spray at home for just a few rupees? For more information below to learn more.

Body Spray vs Perfume

Before learning how to make a body spray, it is important for you to know the difference between perfume and body spray.

  • Body sprays have less essential oil and more water.
  • Perfumes contain less water and more essential oils

Depending on whether you like body sprays or perfumes.

It takes four things to make both

  • Essential oil (Any Mint)
  • Alcohol
  • Distilled water
  • Vegetable Oil / glycerin
  • One spray bottle

If you solve all these items with a specific formula according to the instructions given below, then surely the fragrance will not be less than the expensive perfume.

Solution For Perfume

  • 9.5 tbs.  of Alcohol
  • 10.5 tbs.  of Essential Oil
  • 10.5 tbs.  of Water
  • 0.5 tbs.  of Vegetable Oil


 Dissolve essential oil in a cup of alcohol

 Dissolve glycerin and water in another cup

 Now, at the third number, solve these two machetes

 And keep this mixture in an airtight place in a dry place for two weeks and shake it well every 24 hours.

 After two weeks your perfume is ready to be sold in the market.

Solution for Body Spray

The same formula that is used to make perfumes is also useful for making body sprays.

  • But it will contain less essential oil than water.

Important Instructions

These are all things that you can mix to make your own perfume or body spray, but if you do not keep this spray in a safe Bottle, it can certainly be harmful to you.

If you put this mixture in an Aluminum spray bottle, the scent of this mixture will stay in the aluminum bottle for a long time.

5 Benefits of Using Body Spray.

  • Fragrance
  • Enhances Mood
  • Makes You Attractive
  • Boosts Health
  • Boosts Confidence


Using body spray gives you a good scent all day and people don’t hate to come near you and smelling good scent keeps you refreshed all day long.

Enhances Mood

Applying a good perfume on your body keeps your mood good throughout the day and there are a number of different types of perfumes in the district. You can choose perfume according to your mood.

Makes You Attractive

Any scented body spray can be used to detect your mood.  Fragrance plays an important role in improving your mood

Boosts Health

Pleasant environment has a great impact on good health.  Adding fragrance to the environment doubles your health

Boosts Confidence

Using a good scent on your body also boosts your confidence level because if you are present with your friends or relatives, you don’t have the tension that other people are affected by your body odor.


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