Best Castles to Visit in Germany

Best Castles to Visit in Germany

If you travel to Germany, you probably are interested in seeing some of the many castles that remain in the countryside. They are scattered throughout the country, and your plans would dictate which ones you see based on what part of the country you’re going to. Here are 5 of the best castles to see in Germany:

5Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz

Tucked into a lush valley, Berg Eltz is one of the greatest fairy tale castles in the World.  The current castle was built between 1490 and1540, and the property has been in the hands of a single family for over 33 generations since 1157.  Berg Eltz is only one of the castles in the Rhine River region from Medieval times that hasn’t been destroyed or re-built over time. To reach Burg Elz, you have to take a 45 minute walk through a dark green forest, enhancing the experience of being back in the middle ages.

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