Best Grass Seeds for Your St. Louis Lawn


If you stay in St. Louis, you already know how challenging it can be to grow a lush green lawn. The best grasses for your lawn are perhaps turf-like tall fescue, which greens up in the early springs and tends to remain so into fall.  However, these grasses tend to struggle when the weather becomes hot and humid. Zoysia, which is tan during early fall through spring, tend to thrive in the heat of summer. As a lawn owner, you need to make the best decisions that will ensure your lawn thrives. It all begins by choosing the best seeds for your lawn to help you grow the best grass. 

In Missouri, temperatures vary widely between the summer and winter seasons. The best practice is to plant cool season-grass seed during the early fall because it is the best time for seed germination, as the season offers the best temperatures. Visit for more details on the best time to seed.

Fescue Grass Seed.

While this seed is not as fertile, it responds well to fertilization, especially nitrogen. Using 3 lbs. of nitrogen per 1, 000 s. ft. annually can generate desired results. However, ensure you follow strict guidelines based on soil test recommendations, which vary depending on the season. However, overstimulation of the turf from excessive fertilization during the summer may add to the drought and heat issues. Those with shaded lawns should avoid applying nitrogen.

Zoysia Grass Seed.

This seed produces some of the most beautiful lawns and you can find a variety of turfgrass seeds. This elegant seed provides fine-textured lawn grass most suited for a warm season. It grows to form a thick or dense cover that can prevent weeds from gaining entry.  If you’re looking for grass that will thrive even in the summer and will not be disrupted by freezing temperatures, you should consider the zoysia grass seed, as it belongs to the Japonica grass family known to be less dense, with cold tolerance and interseeding ability. 

Zoysia and fescue are often interseeded for year-rounded green lawns. Whether you’re looking to grow a home lawn or park, zoysia grass seed varieties provide you with excellent choices to give you the lush dark green color you’re looking for, with fine leaf texture complemented with a soft-on-the-feet feel. Grow a beautiful lawn for your family by investing in zoysia grass seeds that will provide superior grass with superior texture, radiant color, unique elegance, and maximum durability.

Bermuda Grass Seed.

It dominates tropical and sub-tropical zones and is commonly found on lawns, parks, reclamation areas, coastal areas, arenas, sports fields, and golf courses. This grass is durable but it needs a lot of work to have a thriving lawn. Consistent mowing that is perfectly timed, coupled with on-demand irrigation and regular use of fertilizer, can make the grass flourish. Some varieties of Bermuda grass include Arden 15, blackjack, oasis, Yukon, and Royal TXD Bermuda grass seeds.

So, if you live in St. Louis, you’re probably familiar with hot and humid summers. The region is also in the transition zone separating the country’s Northern and Southern regions. Therefore, finding the right grass seeds for your lawn is of utmost importance, as the plant should be able to survive summers and winters. 

Now once your yard starts growing will, you will need to decide whether you’ll do your next lawn mowing by yourself or hire a lawn care company to do the work for you. Let’s go over the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a lawn mowing company. 

The Advantages


If you are someone with a full-time job and is worried about your lawn getting thick and messy, then hiring a lawn mowing company definitely suits you. It will save you the hassle of doing this extra work during the weekend or after work and you can spend your time doing other stuff instead.

Regular schedule.

Let’s say that you are not very busy, but you are thinking about who will care for your backyard when you are away for work or vacation. Well, the professional lawn care companies got you covered. They provide consistent service to their customers on a scheduled basis.

Professional Equipment.

Have you ever done lawn mowing but found yourself unable to finish the job because your mower malfunctioned and you’re left with half of your lawn unfinished? Well, lawn mowing companies have the best equipment available for they are partnered with companies that can provide them with it. This will save you the hassle of buying expensive equipment or doing a repair in the middle of your work.

Expertise and knowledge.

Lawn care professionals are trained specifically to provide you with the service you want. Each lawn has its own needs, and these guys are the right ones who can bring the best out of your lawn. At times, do-it-yourself lawn care may not be that effective due to inexperience and lack of knowledge, and we still end up hiring the experts—something that we should have done in the first place.

The Disadvantages

Additional Expenses.

This is by far the number one downside of hiring professional lawn care services. This can be harsh for the pocket, especially if you stick to a certain budget. Usually, the quality of work depends on the price—so the better the quality, the more you have to spend money.

Overly Automated.

Regular doesn’t always mean the best. Some companies do things the “one solution to all problems” way. This isn’t good since every lawn has its own needs. Also, because of the regular schedule they perform, this means that your lawn will get done not to when it needs care, but when the company wants it to be cared for.


Some companies don’t know exactly what they are doing. They think that since doing lawn care is an elementary job, it doesn’t require that much skill and attention. If this is the case, it will not just hurt your budget but also your lawn.

Now that you you know the best type of grass seed for your yard, and have some talking points about whether to mow the yard yourself or hire a company, we wish you all the best in creating a beautiful, green, lawn.


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