Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast

Do you ever feel like you are too thin and underweight than everyone else?

Are you tired of always being called skinny and hearing various jokes? Are you sick of seeing your body not building or having any muscles that you crave for?

Do you wish you knew how to make your body truly gain weight ethically and in a healthy manner?

Don’t worry.

Lots of people face the same struggle; they are underweight and can’t gain weight if their life depended on it. But some succeed at weight gain, and they did this by taking healthy foods that are proven to help in gaining weight fast. Therefore, in this post, you’ll find out the right healthy foods to gain weight.

1.   Milk

It has fat, carbohydrates, proteins, and nutrients like calcium that are important to the human body and bones. But for a person who is focused on gaining weight, milk will be a great addition to his diet.

This means whole milk is the best because it has approximately 150 calories. When gaining weight, what you have to consider is the number of calories you are consuming. Therefore, more calories equal weight gain.

Milk is also a great weight gainer for many bodybuilders like Larry Scott, who was the first Mr. Olympia, was a great advocate of milk if you want to gain weight fast. Therefore, taking a gallon of whole milk or chocolate milk can have a great effect on your body in terms of weight gain.

2.   Fruit Juices

Most juices have many calories and sugar that are necessary when gaining weight. Juices like orange juice, pineapple, and mango juice, which contains 99 calories, are great when increasing weight due to their high calories.

For example, most students have different juices they drink when reading an essay from WritePaperFor.Me. These types of juices are high in sugars and calories, and that’s why most students in schools are either overweight or are a pound or two heavier. Since most students aren’t that active, they retain more calories in their body, plus consume more. This leads to more calories in than calories out.

3.   Rice

This is a high carbohydrate food, and with rice having about 200 calories, it’s good food for those wanting to gain weight. Therefore, if you eat more rice, you’ll have more calories in your body, and you’ll gradually increase your weight.

Being the most consumed food in the world, you can easily incorporate it in your diet, whether it’s white or brown rice.

4.   Avocados

They are healthy fats fruits that are great to the body due to its many nutrients like fiber and vitamin K. With one avocado, having about 240 calories, it’s a great weight gain food.

But also avocados are a great weight-loss food due to its fiber, which makes one feel fuller and not overeat. But, if gaining weight is your goal, taking more avocados will do it, and you can even complement it with your diet or other foods.

5.   Cheese

This dairy product is high in fat and calories and a necessary addition if you’re trying to gain weight. Whether it’s a goat or cheddar cheese, it can work for you when learning or trying how to gain weight.

For example, cheddar cheese has 115 calories, it, therefore, means when you consume those calories daily, you’ll increase your body weight. Also, this cheese has high fat since it’s made from whole milk.

6.   Potatoes

Whether they are sweet or regular potatoes, this starch food is part of our daily diet. But this food is usually fried, making French fries and potato chips which are responsible for many people being overweight.

With baked potatoes having about 160 calories, their high calories are excellent for weight gain.

7.   Peanut butter

With 2 tablespoons of peanut butter having about 190 calories, its high calories and fat make it ideal for the weight gainer.

You can consume it with other foods like rice and milk and the more you take, the more weight you’ll have. It’s so effective that military personnel use it when they want to gain some weight.

8.   Oatmeal

There are 143 calories in a cup of cooked oatmeal; this breakfast food is a delicacy of many. Being high in calories, it’s great when you incorporate more into your diet and have it together with other foods like milk.

9.   Red meat

A study has found out that when lean red meat is added to the diets of 100 women aged 60–90; it helps them to gain weight.

Most of the red meat is full of saturated fat, and eating it, will help you in your weight gaining goal.

10.   Eggnog

They are highly consumed when most people are at home during the holidays, whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas. With one cup having approximately 344 calories by the time you are drinking your tenth cup or glass, you’ll have gained some weight.

Also, the average person will gain 8-10 pounds during the holiday, that’s from Thanksgiving to New Year, and the eggnog is a major reason. Holiday seasons are famous for the high food intake, and most people will either gain weight or maintain their original weight.

Since you can easily prepare eggnog at the comfort of your home, you can add different ingredients, including from other foods you deem healthy.

Gaining any weight will require you to retain more calories in your body or system. Also, remember that the gradual consumption of these foods results in weight being gained or an increase in weight. This means that people are bulking up to either build muscles or have a certain body shape. Gaining weight is the easy part, but are you ready to burn it off. Although you are trying to increase your weight, remember that being overweight or obese is not healthy. Gaining more weight, you have to remember about regular training and sports activities that will help you stay fit. So, start eating healthy foods, and let’s see how your body weight increases.


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