Best Perfume under $200 for woman this summer

Best Perfume for woman this summer

When the warm weather comes around and the sun is shining, that heady (and heavy) perfume that was getting you through the dark winter days may start to seem a bit much. Summer calls for light, breezy scents that effortlessly carry you from the beach to the bar and give the allure of a relaxed unforced sexiness.

Often the best way to achieve that is to look for perfumes with lighter notes, but it’s also perfect to find a perfume that is under $200, since you’ll be using this as a ‘summer only’ staple. With so many to choose from, how can you even know where to start? To help out, we’ve found 5 of the perfumes for women that are under $200.

5Estee Lauder ‘Bronze Goddess’

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

Price: $65.00
This warm, sensuous fragrance is only released during the spring and summer months to take advantage of the warm weather.

Reminiscent of sun-warmed skin smoothed in coconut oil, the top knots of this perfume include bergamot, warm amber and vanilla, which bring to the nose a delicious creaminess with a subtle, citrusy undertone.

This limited edition perfume is sure to have people leaning forward to get another tantalizing whiff of the scent of summer itself.

This Eau Fraîche Skinscent is available in a 0.2 oz rollerball at $25.00 for easy travel or 3.4 oz bottle for $65.00.

At Amazon $65

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