Best Restaurants in Montreal

A trip to Montreal wouldn’t be complete without sampling its famous Gibbys Steakhouse. Old Montreal abounds with historic buildings; many of these structures now house upscale restaurants.

The following are the best 5 resultants in Montreal:

1 Schwartz’s Montreal

Delicatessen Sandwiches/Subs Over 80 years of tradition – A Montreal classic. The oldest deli in Canada. A true Montreal landmark situated on the historic “Main” I just wanted to commend on the fine smoked meat they produce on that side of the Atlantic – a taste which is now forever ingrained on my tongue and won’t leave me until my last days. If you visit Montreal and tried Schwartz’s meat you will come back to Montreal for sure, that’s guaranteed. “Nous cherchons à démonter la culture de Montréal et on trouve que votre établissement est idéal.”

2. Au Pied de Cochon

French Packed to the walls 6 nights per week, this Plateau restaurant has become something of a cult favorite, and we’ve drunk the Kool-Aid, too. Though it looks like another of the amiable but mediocre storefront restos that line most streets in the neighborhood, famed chef Normand Laprise of Toqué! and American chef Anthony Bourdain both love the place. As the name — which means “the pig’s foot” — suggests, the menu here is mostly about slabs of meat, especially pork. The PDC’s Cut, weighing in at more than a pound, is emblematic.

3 Express (L’) Bistro

No obvious sign announces this restaurant, with its name only spelled out discreetly in white tiles in the sidewalk. There’s no need to call attention to itself, since tout Montréal knows exactly where this most classic of Parisian-style bistros is. The food is fairly priced for such an eternally busy place, costing the same at noon as it does at midnight. The atmosphere hits all the notes, from checkered floor to high ceiling

4. Gibbys Steakhouse

Old Montreal abounds with historic buildings; many of these structures now house upscale restaurants, such as Gibbys. The 200-year-old building has it all: converted stables, an iron gate, a beautiful courtyard in the summer and stone walls. Within the dark rooms, the atmosphere is lively, with fireplaces and a cocktail lounge. The menu consists of steaks, seafood and fish, served in generous portions. The famous garlic pickles begin the meal, along with homemade bread with bacon bits and butter. Choose from an impressive grill selection, such as the Youville rack of lamb, or go for fresh lobster. The spicy curried shrimp Punjabi-style is cooled with a mango chutney. The extensive wine list includes international selections with plenty of sparkling wines and Champagnes, befitting a restaurant where celebrations are common. Service is fast and professional.

5 St-Viateur Bagel & Café Bagels

The bagel wars flare as hotly as Montréal’s eternal smoked-meat battles, but this, an offshoot of the original bakery still on rue St-Viateur in the Mile End neighborhood, is among the top contenders (we’re also partial to Fairmont Bagel). Here, you can get bagels to go or to eat in, with sandwiches, soup, or salad. The company notes on its website that it uses “the same old-fashioned baking techniques that founder Meyer Lewkowicz brought with him from eastern Europe.” Those methods include hand-rolling the bagels and baking them in a wood-burning oven.

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