Best Five Universities in Halifax

Best Five Universities in Halifax

In this list you will Find best Universities in Halifax, Most of these Universities/College offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs within a wide variety of academic and professional fields.

1. Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University blends the finest academic traditions with innovative thinking and outstanding educational opportunities. Here, in one of North America’s most dynamic university communities, is a warm and welcoming university that attracts students from around the globe. With 11 faculties and 3,700 courses in 180 areas of study, Dalhousie offers students a wealth of choice and flexible degree programs in one of Canada’s leading research institutions. .
They are proud of our past and confident in our future. They have been at the heart of Halifax, a lively coastal city of almost 400,000, for almost 200 years. Our historic, tree-lined campuses combine the welcoming atmosphere of Canada’s east coast with the international prestige of a big-name school.

2. Saint Mary’s University

Saint Mary’s offers you a student-centered learning environment. They encourage ‘active learning’, where your mind and imagination are appreciated, stimulated and engaged. Saint Mary’s also promotes real-life application of your in-class studies, as They find ways to connect theory to the world around you. That means you learn as you do. The net effect is that you’ll become a better communicator with more natural leadership and interpersonal skills. And that means better likelihood of landing the job you want once you graduate.
Becoming a student at Saint Mary’s University means joining a community of more than 38,000 students and graduates around the world. It means getting individualized attention,
since the average first-year class size in undergraduate degree programs is only 40 to 60 students. It means working with engaging professors who are experts in their field of study, maybe even adding hands-on experience in ground-breaking research to your resumé.

3. Mount Saint Vincent University

Mount Saint Vincent University (the Mount) is committed to providing the best university experience for all members of its community and to developing thoughtful, engaged citizens who make a positive impact on their world. With a unique blend of passion and individuality, the Mount is a university with unparalleled social impact; at home, across the country and overseas.
The Mount is located just minutes from downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia and is recognized for its small class sizes and personalized approach to learning. A diverse mix of more than 4,000 women and men from across Canada and from more than 60 countries take advantage of the Mount’s programs and unique sense of community through on-campus classes or at a distance.

4. University of King’s College

The university, rich with history, maintains many of its old academic traditions: Formal Meal has the students and faculty dressed in academic gowns, student societies founded in the early 19th century are still thriving, a Matriculation reception is held each September in honor of entering students, and graduates are fêted with an Encaenia ceremony each May. The combination of these traditions with the sometimes radical and forward innovations of students and faculty makes for an interesting intellectual environment.

5.Nova Scotia Community Collage

One of Nova Scotia’s largest and most diverse families. Each year, more than 25,000 students choose to grow and learn with them. Magical things happen at NSCC and they think it’s because education has power. It transforms individuals, families and communities in extraordinary ways..
NSCC makes things happen. They are growing the economy of Nova Scotia, They are producing highly skilled workers, and they are building communities. They are Nova Scotia’s college

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