Best Ways to Keep Your Children Entertained on a Rainy Day

If it’s wet and miserable outside, it can be pretty hard to keep your children entertained all day. TV or video games can provide light relief, but if you want to stimulate their creativity, you might want to keep their boredom at bay by encouraging them to participate in one of the following activities.

Creating jewellery

Creating jewellery is a great way to involve your children with the arts. Creating a necklace or a bracelet with pony or glass beads is incredibly easy and although it might take some concentration, it stimulates your child’s visual cortex and sense of creativity. Your children will learn to turn something ordinary into something unique and because there’s an end result to look forward to, they will be entertained for hours on end – especially if you’re able to convince them to create friendship bracelets for one another.

Hold a room tidying competition

If you play it right, this activity can work in your advantage. If you’re tired of cleaning after your children’s mess, set a challenge for each child to see who can tidy their room the fastest. Set a time limit and the one who wins can choose the next activity. Pretty genius!

Put on a fashion show or a play

If you feel it’s time for a big spring clean in your children’s wardrobes, organise a fashion show with your children or encourage them to write and perform a play. Allowing them to dress up and show off their outfits gives you the chance to decide which clothing items they’ve definitely grown out of or can be donated to charity. In the meantime, your children will have loads of fun!

Indoor camping adventure

Now this is a classic tip, but building a den with your children is one of the most fun and family-bonding activities there is and triggers their imagination like nothing else. Have them pack up survival kits, such as books, snacks and cushions, and make it look extra cosy by putting up fairy lights. It forms the perfect escape from the world of TV and computer games and provides alleged protection against the rain outside.

Form a family book club

The best way to stimulate your children’s imagination is by reading stories to them. However, sometimes it’s a great idea to swap roles and have your child read stories to you! Not only does it promote your child’s literacy, it will also boost their confidence now they’re able to explain stories and concepts to the parent. Have a small discussion about the book afterwards and accompany your book club meeting with some tasty snacks and biscuits.


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