Some people are a lot more excited to exercise than others. For those who are maybe a little less motivated, it’s important to have incentives to get on your feet and work out. Not only does exercise invigorate you and give you energy, it also keeps you healthy.

Besides the obvious health benefits, there are actually a lot of ways that exercise can improve your life. For Edmonton’s Ali Ghani, a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur, exercise correlates with every part of his day.  He says that exercise, in whatever form, can even help you become better in the boardroom. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways regular exercise can improve your life.

It Offers Consistency

Adding in a workout to your schedule helps you stay on track and have a consistent routine for your day. “It’s just another way to keep you focused and on schedule, particularly these days when time seems to be blurring together thanks to this pandemic,” Ghani says.

It Keeps Your Energy Up

Who couldn’t use a bit more energy during the workday?

If you exercise in the morning or on a break — or even consistently the night before work — it can help you be more energetic with whatever tasks you need to complete. “I find that it helps me with business deals,” Ghani notes. “No one wants to be falling asleep during a negotiation.”

It Encourages Hydration

Obviously, you’ve got to keep your water intake up if you’re regularly exercising. Making sure to stay hydrated isn’t just important when you’re doing a workout, however. “Honestly, we should all be drinking more water,” Ali Ghani adds. “It’s just healthier for you in the long run, and not just for people who exercise. A workout just offers a natural way to sneak some more hydration in.”

It Can Help With Stress

Isn’t everyone a little stressed these days? Exercise can actually help with that. “Stress can have an impact on you both physically and mentally,” Ghani notes. “Exercise is a great stress reliever and can help you get some of that worry out in a healthy manner.”

It Can Make You Healthier

The most obvious benefit of exercise is in its potential to keep you healthy. “Some people have a weight loss goal, and some people just want to be more fit,” Ali Ghani says. “And sometimes staying healthy has nothing to do with either of those things. It’s just a good idea for anyone to get some exercise in when it comes to keeping things like your heart healthy.”