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At 5bestthings.com, we aim to bring our readers the best from around the internet and the world in one comprehensive list site. We are constantly adding new content and we welcome you to submit your information to become a contributor. You don’t need to be a professional writer, just be sure that you can say yes to the questions below, be able to stick to our guidelines and style, and have a passion for informing readers in an engaging way about information they can use:

  • Are you a blogger, freelance writer, tech geek, or do you specialize in niche writing such as: technology, food, money, economy, jobs, current events, style, or maybe something else?
  • Are you a master of SEO and other keywords?
  • Do you have impeccable writing skills (grammar, punctuation, syntax, etc.), are organized, and can tell a story or write a comprehensive listicle in 1,000-2,000 words?
  • Can you pitch a unique, engaging article write, and self-edit it within a short time?
  • Can you handle constructive criticism and be able to make needed changes to conform to the site’s needs?
  • Do you avoid plagiarism at all costs and understand the importance of original content?

The Breakdown:
As you can see, we cover many categories and like to have a variety of content for our site. Articles are in typical format: An engaging introduction of about 150+/- words, 5 key points, and lots of information in between written in a conversational tone and packed with SEO.

New Submit News to 5BestThings : 

Did you see a story that’s perfect for 5bestthings? Now you can contribute News and political Opinion on 5besthitngs the story will be featured on our new NEWS section and our homepage

You can share your news, opinion – stories, photos and videos please fill out the form below and include News to the Article Subject

Technology Reviews: 

To write in this category, you must have expert, up-to-date knowledge about the topic and/or products. We pay $15  upon acceptance of the list.

Review must contain product introduction, pros and cons, review criteria should also include installation, ease of use, and features along with a summary.

Note:If you are interested in writing full product reviews please let us know. We pay $65  upon acceptance. You will write a list of 5 products and a full review for each product.

List, Articles, Tips: 

This include Food, money, economy, jobs, current events, style, entertainment, science, health, world, restaurants, cities, sports, and anything else.

To write in this category you must be able to perform high-quality and accurate research. We pay $15.00 – $30.00 upon acceptance of the list. 1 Guest Post required

Technology Reviews: 

To write in this category, you must have expert, up-to-date knowledge about the topic and/or products. We pay $15 – $20 upon acceptance of the list.

How to Apply: 

With your inquiry, please include your information, writing samples, your author biography, and links to your Google+ profile, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Upon acceptance of articles, we will check for plagiarism outside of credited quotes and links. If your article is found to be plagiarized in any way, it will automatically be rejected.

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Important Note: By sending us your list / Article, you agree that 5bestthings.com has the full right to publish your list and that you are the author of this list. Furthermore, you agree that 5bestthings.com will be the sole owner of all copyrights and the owner of this list, publishing, and other rights related to the list content (Edit, Modify, Change Parts of the article) at any time. We do not allow submitting the list / Article to other website or republishing of list /articles that are submitted to 5bestthings.com. This means you cannot publish your accepted submission on any other site, including your own.


How long does it take to approve my list?
Usually within 3 days. make sure to contact us before sending us your list, sometimes you need to wait before send us your list.
What if my list get rejected?
We will inform you if we reject your list the best things to do is to work with our editor and make sure that you follow our guidelines
Can My list be more than 5?
Yes, please contact us before you do that, for software, Web Services, Electronics list, make sure to get approved for your selection first
Can i write Articles/Tips not list?
Yes, please contact us, we accept articles only from long-time writers, but even so you can check with us We pay $15 for article
Which format i use to submit my list?
We prefer email with An attached Word doc with links to your sources .
Can i register my self as reviewer or freelancer?
If you have good experience in product review, please contact us, we will send you a product for review when available
How i got paid?
We use PayPal, All what we want is your PayPal email
When i get Paid?
After 30 days of acceptance of your list, We pay for the 7th of every month, we will email you when we process the payment

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