Choosing Health Drinks for 6 year-olds

The right amount of nutrients are very essential for the growth and strength of your children. Planning a proper diet that provides the required nutrients like proteins, calcium, essential vitamins, etc is crucial. This would be a task if your child is a fussy eater. Best health drinks for kids would include products like the Gritzo Supermilk Active Kids, made to suit the age group of 4 to 7-year olds and provide for the required nutrients.

What to look for in a Health Drink for 6 year-olds?

Proper nutrition for the development of the child during the growing years is very essential.

A strong and well-developed child would be a delight to the parents. No matter how nutritious the diet of the child is, a health drink has become an essential part of the child’s daily diet. What should the health drink for 6 year-olds contain?

  • The ingredients in the health drink should be well-balanced and age-appropriate.  The nutrients should support the strengthening of the bones, boost the immune system, as well as, help in the development of the brain of the child.
  • Check for the protein source in the health drink. Best health drinks normally have proteins extracted from natural sources.
  • Health drinks for kids should contain protein extracted from safe sources. For children solely on a vegetarian diet, a health drink that provides the required level of protein is a must. Protein enhances muscle quality, as well as, bone strength.
  • The source of sugar content in the health drink is very important. Gritzo Supermilk Active Kids 4-7 years that does not contain refined sugar will be the best choice.
  • The bone strength of your child depends on the level of calcium in the diet. Absorption of the calcium by the bones is equally important for the required bone strength. The health drink chosen should provide the advantage of added calcium along with Vitamin D3 that facilitates easy absorption of calcium.
  • Availability of DHA in the health drink is a must. During the initial growth years of your child omega 3 fatty acid is required for the development of the brain. DHA is one such omega 3 fatty acid.

A health drink like Gritzo Supermilk Active 4-7 years is the best recommended.  Every scoop of the drink contains 6 grams protein, 100% Vitamin D3, 45% calcium, 72% zinc, 20% Vitamin C and 40% iron along with DHA required for the brain gives optimum nutrition required for your child’s strength and growth.  

The 21 essential vitamins, electrolytes and minerals required to improve the stamina, hydration, recovery and immunity are also present in the drink. The chocolaty taste makes the drink highly irresistible for the kids.

Health Drinks that have to be avoided

While choosing the best health drink for your toddler you should ensure it is suitable for him/her. Ascertain the following details before selecting the health drink for your child.

  • If your child is lactose intolerant, malt-based health drinks are the most suitable. Avoid milk-based health drinks.
  • A health drink clustered with too many ingredients with names that are unfamiliar to you should be avoided to restrain your child from allergies.
  • Health drinks with refined sweeteners should be avoided.
  • A label with allergy instructions is mandatory in any health drink. Look for the label before picking up the health drink. Your child could be allergic to any one of the ingredients.


Gritzo Supermilk Active with the chocolate flavour will be an all-time favourite of the kids. Being easily soluble, you can mix the drink with milk effortlessly. You can otherwise add the powdered health drink while baking cookies, biscuits, etc or to milkshakes to make it more palatable.

If your child engages in any physically demanding activity such as dancing or athletics, a good health drink is a great way to ensure that he or she gets all the vital nutrients from a single source. A health drink is also the best replacement for other snack-time beverages like packaged juices that are filled with preservatives. Of course, these tasty health drink powders are the answer to every parent’s nightmare which is getting their little one to drink a glass of milk each day.


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