Cutting Edge Touchless Water Cooler Empowers Safety with Style

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, teacher or fitness instructor, investing in a water cooler provides you and your family, guests, customers or students with an excellent source of high-quality water right at your fingertips. If you are considering a water cooler for your home, office, classroom, or weight room that is not only functional but sleek and modern, Aquaverve’s new Oceanik Touchless Bottleless Cooler is top of the line and empowers safety with style.

Touchless Water Cooler

About the cooler:

Touchless: The Oceanik Touchless Bottleless Cooler design features a foot pedal activation that allow users to dispense water into glasses or bottles with zero contact, providing a safe way to stay hydrated. In a pandemic where germs and risk of contamination are top of mind, this is a product that employees, customers, staff and visitors don’t have to touch.

Water Quality: Not only will you feel protected from germs, but you can feel assured from a water quality and sanitation standpoint. The Oceanik Touchless water cooler features a direct chill technology that includes stainless steel waterways for maximum purity. Owners no longer need to worry about a water reservoir, chance of contamination or required sanitation.

Look: For those worried about aesthetics, the bottle-less coolers use a high capacity filtration system installed inside the cooler – say goodbye to visible water jugs and hello to a stainless-steel cabinet and modern cooler. For homes or schools with little ones running around, you’ll be happy to know that the cooler is fingerprint resistant. As far as functionality is concerned, the cooler is simple to install.

Cost: high quality comes at a price- the cooler retails on the website at $1,295.00

Our Assessment:

With the purchase of this water cooler, you’ll experience more positives than negatives. With the rising popularity of touchless technology and appliances, the Oceanik Touchless Bottleless Cooler is perfect for any situation and a great solution for helping return to business-as-usual amidst a pandemic.


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