Daily Packages of SMS From All Telecom Operators


The agenda for today is to share and compare all telecom operators SMS packages. The telecom operators which we will include is Jazz, Ufone, Zong & Telenor. These are going to be the companies on which we will work and list one best sms offer from all of these.

Jazz (Mobilink) Daily SMS Package

First, we are going to talk about the Jazz. The sms package from Mobilink is such an awesome offer and this offer is not just alone for SMS it has some WhatsApp as well. So, let me tell you jazz daily sms package about which we are talking right now:

  • SMS: 1800
  • WhatsApp: 10MB
  • Subscribe: *334#
  • Unsubscribe: *334*4#
  • Price: Rs 7.2

This was an offer from Jazz. As I said earlier that this also includes some WhatsApp as well so you are not just limited to simple SMS, you can do internet messages as well. We have mentioned both the subscription and un-subscription code so that it could be easy for you.

Ufone Daily SMS Package

Among youngsters the one telecom operators which is very successful is Ufone because of its cheapest prices of packages and better coverage. Excited for ufone? Let me show you now: 

  • SMS: 1600
  • Subscription: SMS “Sub” to 605
  • Price: Rs. 4.99

Sadly, the ufone don’t have any offer for 24 hours which include some internet as well for WhatsApp so you have to bear it with ufone. No one in the world is perfect, right? Indeed, it is true. The jazz price compares to this one is also a bit expensive not same price but still both are okay.

Zong Daily SMS Package

After Ufone the second most popular sim according to their packages is zong. It is also quite famous in the young population of Pakistan. May be there are a lot more lover! BTW let me chow you what Zong have for us: 

  • SMS: 120
  • On-Net: 120 Minutes
  • Internet: 50 MBs
  • Subscription: Dial *2200*1#
  • Price: Rs.12

The zong package is the doubled price in compare to Jazz and Ufone but wait it has lot more than both of those. The SMS is less but it has Internet and Some Zong to Zong minutes which you could use as well. I hope that now you know why it is double in price in compare to other two.

Telenor Daily SMS Package

Last but no least – The Telenor. In compare to other Telenor is not such that popular according to my views and experience being in Pakistan. BTW it is also the best telecom operator of Pakistan and this one operates in the Europe as well. Let see this now:

  • SMS: 120
  • On-Net: 120 Minutes
  • Internet: 50 MBs
  • Subscription: Dial *2200*1#
  • Price: Rs.12

Such an expensive offer in compare to all other telecom operators. I can’t believe that it could be that much expensive because Telenor is not such a expensive network at all. But the fact is fact that this Telenor daily sms package is expensive and can’t be afford by someone if he has multiple sim from multiple telecom operators.


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