Embarking on a Landscaping Project at Mountain Home, Idaho

Mountain Home is a beautiful city located in the northwestern region of Idaho, United States. It is famous for its proximity to historical sites and monuments, such as the home of Ernest Hemingway and the Hagerman Fossil Beds. Many travelers frequent it since it is a gateway to many breathtaking state parks like the Castle Rocks, Thousand Springs, Bear Lake, and Hells Gate. One can spend weeks just rafting through its rivers or biking on its terrains. 

For those who fell in love with this place and find themselves getting a property and embarking on a landscaping Mountain Home, Idaho project, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Landscaping Tips

While seasoned contractors may have an idea of how to arrange your home, it is also essential that you incorporate your taste to the design. Landscaping a place in one of Idaho’s cities is not easy, but it is an adventure in itself. The key thing to remember is that nature should be the focus of your design. The way you add outdoor fixtures should complement its surrounding. 

The best way to do it is to use the natural resources that you have around. Plants, shrubs, and flowers like Carolina lupine, eastern blue star, northern maidenhair fern, dwarf crested iris, and wood anemone are endemic in Idaho, making them excellent choices to have in the area. They will grow with ease, and you will have no problem keeping them for a long time. It is important not to introduce new species since they may disrupt the natural ecosystem in the mountain. 

Another tip is to use wood and stones when landscaping. Stones are great material for building fire pits and fountains. Meanwhile, instead of using metallic furniture, use wood for outdoor seating and gates to complement the surrounding trees. 

Getting a Contractor

Due to the popularity of Mountain Home as a serene place to live in, many contractors can help in your landscaping project. According to the 2005 Idaho Contractor Registration Act, companies must register at the Idaho Contractors Board to operate legally. As such, if you do not want to have problems with your landscaping Mountain Home, Idaho project, it is best to ensure the legality of the contractor that you will be hiring. 

Since many contractors offer various services, it would also lessen your hassle if you can find one that offers all-in packages to minimize your cost.

Maintaining Beauty and Order

Living in a mountainous region makes you exposed to many external elements that may damage your original layout. As such, it is vital to maintain your surroundings regularly. Familiarize yourself with simple lawn trimming and flower bed maintenance. Also, be ready to do a lot of cleanups when the fall season arrives. And to keep your plants and trees on tiptop shape, call the professional dethatching and aeration services from time to time. 

Mountain Home, Idaho is a place where one can easily spend a lifetime in. With its natural beauty and rustic charm, embarking on a landscaping project is sure to be a fulfilling task for homeowners, both new and old.


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