Essential Cat Care: Providing a Healthy and Happy Life for Your Furry Friend

Cats deserve some love and attention from their owners too. While your feline might be a great companion or bring you joy in many other ways and for many other reasons, they also deserve to be adequately cared for and catered for.  

Do you want to know the best ways to care for your cat and to provide a healthy and happy life for your mog?  Get in here and keep reading!

Essential Cat Care: 4 Ways to Care for your feline friends

Here are four essential care tips to keep your cats safe and sound and happy, and healthy:

1. Spaying and Neutering

Female cats are spayed, while the tomcats are neutered to prevent reproduction. These procedures have many health benefits beneficial to your felines, including preventing reproductive infections and issues, clamping down on behavioural issues associated with mating and breeding, and preventing unwanted pregnancies in your cats, which may result in unwanted litters and whatnot.

We, however, advise you to consult with your local veterinarian on the dangers/challenges and benefits of sterilising your cat and if such a process is needed.

2. Litter Hygiene

To avoid unpleasant odours in your home and keep a clean and healthy living environment for you and your felines, treat your cat to a quality litter box from a reputable supplier. A cat litter helps absorb and conceal your feline’s bodily wastes when indoors. Some litters are specially made to also control allergens, thereby keeping you safe from cat induced-allergies.

3. Feline Nutrition and Food

Pay attention to your cats’ nutrition by feeding them the right kinds of canned foods high in proteins and veggies, even. Doing the contrary will only bring about health issues for your cat, which will not only discomfort it but also stress you (and your pockets).

For instance, while pecans have no nutritional defect in themselves, they are not ideal for cats due to their proclivity to induce choking hazards, allergies, and other health issues like intestinal blockage in cats. Also, although domesticated, house cats are carnivores and require meat diets. Meat high in protein and properly cooked should also form part of their diet. Common questions people have like can cats eat mango should be researched properly so that you don’t give your cat something that could harm them.

4. Grooming and Bathing 

Naturally, cats are super clean creatures and are known to regularly self-groom. For this, unlike dogs, they are not quick to need regular baths. However, their self-grooming tactics can only do so much, especially if your feline regularly visits the outdoors and gets soiled and dirty – and this is where you come in. To keep your cats healthy, regularly brush and bathe them.

Matted furs and hairs will only lead to high discomfort in your mogs and so routinely brushing your cats helps to take out loose furs and prevent knotting.


Knowing the right things to do and the things not to do or settle for are critical in caring for pets. Although not all mistakes might be fatal, one wrong action or inaction may cost you and your pet a lot. Therefore, when you are looking to have a cat or already have a cat, the following tips discussed above are enough to kick-start your pet ownership journey and aid you in adequately caring for your pet. 


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