Essential Packaging for Every Food Delivery Business

Life’s pace is undoubtedly frantic. Even with your stomach growling, grocery shopping may not be at the top of your priority list due to the pressures of work, exercising, and running errands. Thankfully, meal prep delivery services have come to the rescue.

If you run a meal preparation business, you understand what it takes to run it well and bring meals to your clients’ doorsteps or hands. And a large part of that is the packaging.

It is impossible for your meals to make the trip without proper protection. Customer satisfaction and health depend on how well you handle your food deliveries. Food spoilage and delivery damage could well easily bring down your company.

The packaging supplies below will help you when making meal deliveries to your customers.

1. Takeout containers

Freshness and flavor are not enough to make your food someone’s favorite. Customers need food that looks delicious and is undamaged. You can reduce food waste and make food look classy by using proper packaging such as takeaway containers.

Deli containers are ideal for bulk food products and snacks and are microwave safe. For gravies, soups, and stews, double-sided poly-coated paper is perfect as it prevents leakage.

Takeout containers are the best for freshly cooked meals. With their black base and white lids, they are practical and appealing. The best part is that they can be reused.

You can package sauces, condiments, and other small quantity liquids in plastic portion cups.

2. Custom branded packaging

With the delivery of some amazing (but vulnerable) meals, you are providing a crucial service to your clients. Employing the proper packaging will not only alert clients to the arrival of your delectable package but it will also motivate them to open it right away. Custom packaging will do that.

Unboxing experiences with custom food packaging bags are not easy to forget. For optimal effect, you may print logos, colors, and other branding components on them.

Tape made specifically for packaging has several uses, particularly water-activated tape. While doing so, it stylishly safeguards your deliveries throughout transportation.

An inexpensive and efficient branding option is using custom labels. If custom-printed food packaging bags are out of your price range, brown boxes may be transformed into branded ones with the help of a well-designed roll of labels.

3. Napkins and cutlery

Disposable cutlery to go with your meal shipments shows consumers your consideration for their hygienic needs. Be generous with napkins. Paper napkins are significantly softer to the touch and feel better against the skin compared to paper towels.

4. Insulated packaging supplies

When delivering cooked meals, it’s important to avoid bacterial development and deterioration. The main packaging that protects against degradation are high barrier bags, which you can purchase from a professional custom packaging supplier.

You need the appropriate equipment to keep them that way for as long as possible, whether you’re transporting them refrigerated or frozen. The best method for doing it is insulated packing.

Insulated packaging supplies keep out moisture and bad weather while retaining the interior’s cooled air. To make the packaging more dependable, use water-activated tape or cold-temperature tape.

Insulated bubble box liners preserve temperature and prevent spillage while the bubble cushion keeps the outside foil cool. Cold packs help preserve food especially when the deliveries are long-distance.


Correct packaging supply choices make it easier to keep meals unspoiled and undamaged. This list will help you come up with a packaging plan that will work well for you and your customers.


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