Everything you Need to Know About Traffic Control Work

There are many opportunities in traffic control management and more training facilities anyone can enrol in. To get started, all you need is to find a training centre or visit their website and see the options there are for you. In this article, you are going to learn some of the most important things about traffic control jobs. Explore wide range of safety products for car parks visit site.

Who is a Traffic Controller?

There are different fields when it comes to traffic control work. Just like the name suggests, these are trained professionals that monitor and control traffic. 

On the ground, their main role is to help pedestrians carry out their daily activities or on a job site safely, as well as help maintain a safe environment for workers. Usually, they will use signs to safely establish routes and pave ways for people walking by, as well as workers. 

Traffic controllers are also required when there is a temporary change on the road. This could be constructions on the road, gas, electricity, and water repairs, and more. Basically, the main purpose of a traffic controller is to ensure safety for both workers on the site and pedestrians.

How to Become a Traffic Controller 

Becoming a traffic controller is not hard. You only need to complete a course or training complaining of the nationally accredited competency units. This includes controlling traffic with a slow sign or a stop slow bat and implementing a plan for traffic management.

If you are working on a construction site, you may also be required to have a construction induction card (also called a white card). This incorporates the completion of another nationally accredited competency unit to work safely and competently in the construction industry.

There are other essential skills for a traffic controller such as adequate communication and English skills to complete tasks such as understanding Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS), Traffic Management Plans (TMP), and more.

How Much Traffic Controllers Earn

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to how much traffic controllers earn. This depends on a lot of things including your training and certifications, skills, and state you are in. The industry has claimed up to $180, 000/ year and counting in recent years.

However, as the industry continues to grow and expand, these rates will soon be outdated. Some stats claim up to more than $30/ hour. It also depends on the job and the shifts. Some jobs may offer up to 10 hours of shifts per day. Regardless, this is definitely a fantastic choice of career with a guarantee and steady income.

Finding Traffic Controllers Jobs

So now that you have certificates and you know pretty much everything about traffic control work, there are many places you can find traffic control jobs. The jobs exist in multiple industries in a wide range of sectors. This includes infrastructure, maintenance, domestic, capital work, heavy industries, commercial, and more.

The type of employment you get depends on a range of factors including your training, credentials, positions, industry, and experience. Pay depends on these very same factors, adding other things like the state you are in and the company you are working for.

There is no limit to how you want to work. You can find full-time jobs as a traffic controller, part-time jobs, temporary positions, and more, depending on the requirement of the job, as well as your availability. There are many sources to find these jobs too; staffing agencies, personal contacts, and connections, and online jobs directories. 

How Long Does it Take to Qualify as Traffic Controller?

Unlike other courses and jobs, you don’t need to attend college for three years to become a traffic controller. This means you can quickly take up the course and start working immediately after. And you don’t need advanced certificates like bachelor’s degrees and advanced diplomas to get this job, not even a postgraduate certificate. 

You need to obtain a white card, which you should already have if you work in a construction job, RIIWHS302E is also important for implementing traffic control plans. Depending on your schedule, it may only take you a few weeks to complete the necessary courses.


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