Exercise May Boost Your Growth Hormone Levels By Up To 771%

The human growth hormone is an essential hormone present in both men and women. This substance is known as a peptide hormone and plays an important role in the reproduction and regeneration of cells within the human body, as well as in the stimulation of cell growth. Human growth hormones are reported to be an amino acid that is both synthesized and stored within the anterior pituitary gland. It also plays a role in free fatty acid and glucose concentration, as well as the production of IGF-1. Without this hormone therapy Dallas, the human body is unable to properly develop.

Benefits of HGH

Human growth hormones are naturally present within the body, but can also be taken as a supplement in order to further increase its concentration. Many strategies are also available in order to boost the concentration of the human growth hormone within the body without taking an oral supplementation. This hormone is also often referred to as a natural testosterone enhancer and offers numerous benefits for the human body. Dr. Axe reports that, among all of the benefits this vital hormone has, the most beneficial are:

  • An increase in muscle strength due to the stimulation of collagen synthesis.
  • The ability to lose weight faster due to the acceleration of lipolysis. Lipolysis is the process where lipids are broken down.
  • Due to its benefits for the heart, a healthy concentration of the human growth hormone also lowers a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  • This hormone also has an important role in the brain and the mental capabilities of a person. Healthy levels of the hormone can help to improve a person’s mood and also improve their cognitive functions.
  • Sleep deprivation can be caused by a lack of healthy concentrations of the human growth hormone. It is reported to healthy concentrations of this hormone can improve a person’s sleep patterns and sleep quality.
  • The human growth hormone helps the body produce a healthy amount of testosterone, which also helps individuals who are suffering from erectile dysfunction experience better erectile abilities.
  • The hormone is also important for bone health and a healthy level of this hormone promotes strong, healthy bones.

Symptoms of HGH Deficiency

When the human body does not have an adequate concentration of human growth hormones, they often experience numerous symptoms due to the fact that this hormone is present among many parts and functions of their body. The Pituitary Network Association explains that a human growth hormone deficiency often leads to symptoms such as anxiety, depressed moods, a reduction in muscle strength, an increase in abdominal fat, reduce energy levels and overall poor health. They also explain that signs that may point towards a deficiency of this hormone includes dry skin, thinning skin, a reduction in muscle mass and being overweight.

Exercise to Boost HGH

There are many different ways to boost levels of the human growth hormone in the human body. From supplementation to prescription drugs and more. Many people also prefer to stick to more natural methods in order to avoid the side-effects that are often caused by medical treatment options and to offer additional health benefits for their bodies. Physical exercise is one natural remedy that many people often overlooks, but is reported to boost concentrations of this essential hormone by as much as 771%.

Garma On Health reports that Phil Campbell, an exercise physiologist, together with Dr. Mercola, recently developed a 20-minute physical program that included exercises to increase growth hormone levels. It was found to increase the body’s own production of human growth hormones. They saw results that were as significant as a 771% increase in this hormone. The exercise program was named “Bust Your Ass 8”, or “BYA8” for short, and includes a simple routine. The individual starts by selecting an anaerobic type of exercise that works on the buttocks, hamstrings and quadriceps. They then perform 8 sets of the chosen exercise with each set lasting 30 seconds. After the routine, the individual consumes a certain amount of protein. That’s all it takes to participate in this new exercise protocol that can increase the body’s production of human growth hormones considerably.

AST Sport Science reports that heavy weight exercises to increase growth hormone concentrations offer significant benefits for individuals who need to boost their bio-active availability of human growth hormones. They also report that human growth hormones are usually seen in much higher concentrations among bodybuilders than individuals who do not partake in bodybuilding protocols. They continue to report that a recent study took two groups of athletes in order to monitor the effects of different training programs over a period of six months. One group were given a heavy resistance exercise program that included deadlifts and squats. The other groups was given the same exercise program, but were not asked to complete a set of deadlifts and squats. Both of these groups had a significant increase in human growth hormone levels, but the first group had a much higher increase than the second group. This provided evidence that a full body workout that includes endurance training exercises is the perfect strategy to naturally boost levels of this hormone.


Human growth hormone, the hormone that is essential for cell growth, is often ignored in people who experience symptoms associated with a deficiency of the hormone. This can cause more serious issues to develop as the hormone is needed in healthy doses within the body for normal development, muscle mass and erectile functions. Recent studies have now provided evidence that heavy weight training protocols offer the best advantages for boosting levels of the hormone within the human body, but a total body workout that includes endurance training may be even more beneficial.



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