Five Pairs of Shoe Everyone Should Own

Shoes come in a vast range of shapes and sizes, to suit a vast range of occasions and functions. They can make or break an outfit, as well as playing a crucial role in how comfortable you are after having spent a day on your feet.

There are five categories of shoes that everyone should have at least one of. While it’s possible to go beyond the entries on this list, 

Work Shoes

When you turn up to the office, your footwear should reflect the seriousness of the work you’re about to do. This applies whether you’re showing up for an interview, or if you’ve been at the same company for several decades.

Your work shoe should reflect the environment you’re going to be working in. If you’re on a construction site, then a set of thick-soled protective boots should be looked at as critical. If you’re in an office, then something comfortable and professional is critical.


When it comes to a casual day out, it’s difficult to beat the humble sneaker – whether you’re a man or a woman. Barbeques, sports events, shopping trips: they can all make a great match for the humble sneaker. For best results, go for a neutral tone – or something in classic white. That way, they’ll be easily paired with a whole range of different outfits. 

Formal Shoes

Occasionally, you’re going to be expected to attend a formal event. Weddings, funerals, corporate black-tie occasions – they all demand a different class of shoe from the sort you wear to work. Think about the things that you wear to these events and pick a pair of shoes to match. Black is usually a safe choice, but in many cases, you’ll want a range of options.


When you’re going on holiday, or you’re just chilling out in the garden, you’ll need an appropriately flimsy set of sandals. This might mean a classic flip-flop for lounging beside the pool, or it might mean something that you can comfortably walk around a Mediterranean island in. Shoes of this sort have the advantage of being easily crammed into a suitcase. They tend to be inexpensive, too, so there’s no excuse not to have at least one pair to hand.

Sandals are smart, comfortable and are perfect for those leisure moments and activities. If you buy from good brands, you will be able to get your feet on some that are stylish, trendy, come in a range of designs, price points and will be able to perfectly complement your dresses. If you are interested to explore this, check out this womens sandals website. Take a stroll in the mall, or visit the most popular beaches comfortably with sandals at your feet. 


You can’t hit the gym in the shoes you wear when you’re out and about. Similarly, you can’t go for a jog in the shoes you wear to work. Trainers are expected to flex and support in ways that other shoes aren’t. They’ll also absorb huge amounts of sweat if you’re putting the right amount of effort into your fitness regimen, day after day. Try to pick a trainer that matches the sort of exercise you’ll be doing, and that you’ll feel good about strapping on at the start of every session.


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