Nootropics are special-purpose cognitive enhancer drugs. According to John Bartholdi, the use of Nootropics is increasing day by day to an extent that it has become a billion-dollar business industry. These have become widely popular among students. Students take it for better academic performance. These drugs are mostly promoted as memory enhancers and brain boosters. People resort to these for increasing efficiency and solve problems related to memory loss. There are thousands of Nootropics drugs being sold in the market. 

Most of these drugs are not certified and could be very detrimental to health. Instead of increasing the performance of the brain they can result in brain impairment. Nootropics which are engineered from natural ingredients are the best Nootropics and can be used safely. Just because of the growing popularity of Nootropics many fake products have flooded the market. So, it is advised that if a person wants to take Nootropics drugs he must first consult a physician. Then, only if the physician allows him to take certain drugs, then he may resort to these drugs. Or, as mentioned earlier, he can resort to the best Nootropics that are natural Nootropics. 

In today’s world, where the competition is growing day by day, everyone wants to outperform others to increase their value. Nonetheless, it has become very difficult to provide the commitment and efforts everyone shows for his growth. Then, in such a scenario, many people resort to drugs to help them to advance at a faster pace. This is the situation that leads a person to drugs like Nootropics. Apart from that, dwindling mental performance and weakness of mind also force a man to use such kind of drugs. Keeping all this in mind there are certain things that a person must know about Nootropics before he uses them. So, the five most important things about Nootropics are given below:

  • In the first instance, we will talk about the structure of Nootropics. This is very important to know which Nootropics are beneficial for a person and which should be avoided. Nootropics are available in a wide variety of forms. Hence, their structure also differs from one another. Among these, Nootropics that are related to Pica tern are relatively safe to use and have fewer side-effects. Other natural Nootropics and its supplements include Caffeine, L-thiamine, and Omega-3 fatty acid. Supplements can vary from product to product.
  • The second thing about Nootropics that a person must know is its usefulness. No intensive research has been carried out in this field. However, it is pertinent to mention here a few of the uses for which this drug has been used even by the physicians. These are being used to treat some mental disorders like Narcolepsy, and after a painful medical surgery as an aftershock absorbent. Mostly, it is used to boost memory and enhance the cognitive abilities of a person.
  • The third thing that a person must know about Nootropics is its side-effects. The use of Nootropics could lead to its addictiveness. After consuming it, a person may resort to some unusual activities like risky sexual practices. Other side-effects of Nootropics may include high blood pressure, a faster heartbeat rate, insomnia, and sleep disorders.
  • The fourth thing about Nootropics that a person must know is how it works. A wide variety of theories has been given on the working of Nootropics drugs. All the manufacturers come up with their unique procedures in which these drugs work. Nevertheless, the most common and widely acceptable theory which is naturally related to the Nootropics is about altering the path of neurotransmitters. These drugs alter the path of neurotransmitters called GABA which in turn help in better performance of the brain. 
  • The fifth and the last thing about Nootropics that a person must know is the conditions in which it is discouraged. It is widely held that only those people must try Nootropics whose health is good. People, especially those with cognitive disorders must avoid using it. A pregnant woman also must remain at a distance from such kind of drug. Those women having a dependent baby child must not take it at any cost at all.

The newer agent like Apoaequorin present in Prevagen, is also widely promoted as a brain enhancer, but no concrete evidence supports these claims.


All the five most important things about the Nootropics drug have been described above adequately. From the above-given arguments, it can be concluded that the best Nootropics are only natural tropics. Nootropics made up of harmful chemicals should be avoided.


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