Get Success with the Unique Chocolate Business!

The unique chocolate business is one business opportunity that is very suitable for beginners. Why? Because when compared to other businesses, chocolate snacks are quite easy to make and sell. The demand for sweets is also as if it has never been quiet. No wonder, because almost all circles, both old, adult, teenagers and even children can enjoy it. So besides being easy to run, this business also has the potential to reap huge profits. What’s more, if you can create it to make it more attractive, this home-based business can be your main income per month.

Welcoming big days is usually chocolate chosen by consumers to be served to the guests present. Not only that, during special days, for example, anniversary or chocolate Valentine’s day is also often chosen. Well, if you want to start this business at home, first let us know what chocolate is and how to process chocolate bars into sweet and delicious dishes.

What is chocolate?

Chocolate is produced from cocoa beans where before it tastes bitter. Before being formed into bars or stems, the cocoa beans are fermented first so that the taste can be obtained. The fermented chocolate beans were then dried and sorted by hand. At this stage, the coffee beans will be sorted according to their weight and type. Not enough drying process, cocoa beans are roasted first until the aroma feels. After baking, usually the cocoa skin will release itself, then enter the stage of grinding or grinding until it is liquid and thick. Look for thick chocolate in the form of pasta then add milk and sugar to add flavor. From the rather sweet account, enter the coaching and tempering process. In the final stage, the chocolate is formed into cocoa butter, cocoa powder and dark chocolate which are printed in the form of bars or bars.

Unique Chocolate Process for Business

Here are some kinds of chocolate creations that you can inspire to start a business selling chocolate.

Chocolate ball cake

a.    Material:

1 pack of Regal Marie biscuits

2 sugars of sweet chocolate condensed milk

3ml of melted butter

1 chocolate bar

1 milo pack

Sufficient chocolate sprinkles (Meses Ceres)

Oreo to taste (pounded)

b.    How to make it

Mash the biscuits until smooth and add the sweet chocolate condensed milk and 3 tablespoons of melted butter into the biscuit collision. Stand until mixed until the mixture feels solid and can be formed into balls. If it doesn’t feel solid, you can add a little sweetened condensed milk. Then form the mixture into a round and separate it on a different plate or container. The next step is to melt 1 chocolate bar until thick. Next, dip the balls into melted chocolate. Drain, and coat again with collisions Oreo, chocolate sprinkles, and milo.

Spicy chocolate

Are you bored with sweet ones? You can also try chocolate with the image of a spicy chili flavor. This spicy chocolate dish is very suitable to be enjoyed in the rainy or cloudy season because it can enrich the body.

a.    Material:

1/2 ounce of red chili is according to taste

240 grams of fresh cream

1 ounce of cashew nuts or ordinary nuts

2 Ginger segments

b.    How to make:

First,  melt the chocolate bar by using a place on boiling water. If you have, apply the melted chocolate using a brush on the mold and let it sit for a few minutes until the chocolate is cold. While waiting for cold chocolate you can make a filling in chocolate with cashews or other nuts with chili. After that, add the peanuts and chili into the chocolate melt and stir until mixed. When you have poured the mixture into the mold that was previously smeared with chocolate before. After that enter the refrigerator, wait until the chocolate hardens.

Strategy for Starting a Home-Based Chocolate Business

Look for unique chocolate treats

There are actually many other chocolate dishes that you can determine for your business. Therefore, experiment frequently. Often culinary tours can also help you find a menu idea that is suitable for your chocolate business.

Attend more to the taste

Unique is not enough if it is not accompanied by a feeling that makes people addicted. You can also give other flavors so you can distinguish between your homemade chocolate and others but it is still delicious to eat.

Use attractive packaging

The packaging is the interaction of the product itself where consumers can usually judge one product by just looking at the packaging. And that’s no less important, you also need to bring something interesting to your packaging. That way, we can be sure consumers will be interested in buying your product.

Those are the detail explanations about unique chocolate business.


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