Home Improvement ideas to upgrade your home

When it comes to home improvement, it is easy to feel lost on where to start. However, with a proper plan and some of our tips and tricks, this task is not as difficult as it may look! Home improvement projects add quality to your home, bringing out your personality and making the place feel more comfortable to live in. It’s always better to determine the rooms you want to focus on and the projects that will make a bigger impact on your quality of life. However, this does not mean that budgeting is not important. Planning around your budget will make for an easier process and better results than blindly going in and spending too much on a room you won’t be using much. and for cabinet refinishing, you will want to take into consideration the size and condition of your cabinets, as well as the overall style and aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Here we have compiled a list of tips that can help you make your home more comfortable and upgraded. 

Increase the security

No matter how safe of a neighbourhood you live in, your safety is in your hands. The first thing you should focus on when it comes to your home improvement is increasing the security of your house. Invest in a higher fence to keep burglars out and opt for better home locks that can’t be easily picked. Multiple door locks and card locks are an alternative to traditional key locks. Another investment you should consider is burglar alarms and CCTV cameras. They not only help in monitoring unusual activity but also provide evidence. You can get them installed by professionals by clicking here. When your home improvement ideas include safety, you prevent yourself from bad situations that are easily avoidable. 

Open Plan

One of the easiest ways to update your home is by opting for an open plan in your living room/kitchen area. This not only reduces extra walls but also increases space for more creative furnishing. If your home has history, rather than opting for an open plan, you can go for restoring the original architecture of your home. This will add to giving your house some character while also reducing any extra walls/ceilings, hence, increasing space. 

Another addition you can go for are sliding doors in your main areas. They make for a more classic look, especially when paired with wooden accents. They also help with natural daylight circulation in your rooms. 

Change or update the colour 

One of the easier home improvement ideas, painting the walls can change the entire look of your place. If you want to go for a different colour or if you just want to refresh the paint, it can make the place look brighter and airier. Going for neutrals is always the safe bet but you can choose bright wallpapers and texture wall effects depending on the kind of design you are going for. Classic interior design and contemporary interior designs are the most timeless and easy to replicate. If you do not want to spend a bunch on changing your furniture the next time you want an update, go for neutral-coloured classic pieces. 

Choose the biophilic style

Bringing the outside in with a few plants is never bad. However, if you are a nature lover and like having some connection to nature in your home, you can opt for bringing the outside in, literally! For this home improvement idea, we suggest getting the floor to ceiling windows that can bring the sunlight in. Even better is to opt for glass ceilings or skylights wherever you can. These elements add to the biophilic style, making your place feel livelier and brighter. Another way would be to include a natural material when designing your furnishings- use jute rugs, wooden furniture and terracotta pots- this will add to the authenticity of the room. 

Include plants in all your rooms and if you do not have a green thumb, go for plants that are easy to handle and take care of- succulents, snake plant, aloe vera- there is a huge variety of indoor plants to choose from!

Get built-in storage

Built-in storage is a game-changer and should be a part of the home improvement ideas that you are considering. They make for a cleaner look of the space, save you from buying furniture and add to the balance. Built-in storage is also a great way to increase storage in your house, which can add to the resale value of your house. Consider balancing elements- if you have opted for the floor to ceiling windows on one side of the room, it’s better to balance them out with a floor to ceiling closet rather than opting for smaller storage units. 

You should also consider adding shelves on the walls to make use of the vertical storage spaces. They add to the aesthetics of the room while increasing room for storing or displaying décor. 


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