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If you have a bass boat or marine, you need information that will help you pick the correct lithium trolling motor battery.

During the past years, most anglers were using marine AGM deep-cycle batteries to act as a source of power for trolling motors. Currently, there is a huge acceptance of lithium trolling motor batteries in the market. Most people have accepted them for the many benefits they offer.

The reason why it’s gaining popularity in spite of the cost, it’s because they are light increasing the motor performances compared to the old batteries or lead-acid batteries.

Here is the review of lithium trolling motor battery:

If you to the market, it’s essential to have the best solution for your boat’s power. You need to have a lithium battery!

There are different reasons why anglers will prefer using lithium trolling motor batteries. It is expensive than the other types, but here are reasons to choose lithium trolling motor battery.

  • Lifespan Warranty

There are different lithium battery manufacturers available , but most of them will offer between 4- 8 years warranty. Some manufacturers offer more. When using this type of battery normally, the battery can give you quality services of more than 10 years. The additional years you get from the battery compensates you for purchasing it costly.

  • Durability

Lithium trolling motor batteries can last longer compare to the AGM lead-acid type of battery. It is a matter of proper maintenance of the battery. The probability of your battery going dead, especially while fishing is almost zero. According to the manufacturer of lithium trolling motor battery, you will have full power to use until you are out of power!

  • Charging

For you to full an AGM battery with enough charge, it will require you more time –like three times longer. For example, a lithium battery can need two hours to be full, but the AGM battery will need approximately six hours.

This difference in charge plays a significant role, especially to fishers, because they will have an additional distance.

  • Weight

There is a significant difference in weight between lithium battery and marine AGM battery. Lithium trolling motor battery can be described weightless because it floats. For example, if you a bass boat that needs a 36-volt battery, you need to use three of the 12-volt batteries. For an average weight of AGM deep cycle battery will be approximately 75 lbs. If you use three, it means the boat will carry extra 225lbs for the batteries.

For lithium trolling motor battery, it contains like 28lbs. It is a type of battery known to outperform and last for long.

If you choose lithium trolling motor battery, you are reducing the weight your boat has to carry. It, therefore, means you have cut the weight of extra 197 lbs.

On the other hand, switching the bass boat into lithium trolling motorboat, you are loading with 56 lbs which is the battery weight. It is advantageous because there is a reduction of 244 lbs. if your boat is light; it means that it will have more thrush power to push it through the water.


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