Postcrossing, Bullet Journaling & Other HOT Web Design Trends For Summer 2019


Latest trends change rapidly, so having a credible source of information is essential for an IT professional’s job. MasterBundles is your go-to website for keeping up with the freshest trends in the sphere of IT. If you’re looking for expert opinions and posts or quality graphics resources, you’ll find all of that here!

Web designers and developers, marketers, copywriters, and other nerds can use top-notch graphics bundles in a large scope of projects. Currently, MasterBundles offers crazy discounts on a vast selection of items! This post covers the latest trends currently dominating in web design. So, tune in for the hottest design news!

Postcrossing. Postcards For Hobby With No Borders

Postcrossing. Postcards For Hobby With No Borders

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Believe it or not, Postcrossing is one of the hottest trends right now, so don’t disregard paper mail just yet. Started by Portuguese students in 2005, Postcrossing has become a great hobby for romantic and adventurous people. Indeed, is there anything more intriguing than finding a random recipient for your paper postcard? That’s exactly what allows you to do!

Not only can you make new friends in foreign countries, but also spread creativity and joy. A randomizer on the website picks the recipient’s address among more than 500,000 users, that’s how you find people to exchange postcards with. In January 2012, a ten-millionth postcard was sent via the Postcrossing website and counting.

So, if you’re amazed at the perspective of Postcrossing, custom postcard designs will make the experience truly memorable. Fortunately, MasterBundles can provide you with unique paper postcards plus an affordable delivery option! Just sneak a peek at these awesome postcard designs:

  • Coloring Printable Postcards Bundle – $6
Coloring Printable Postcards Bundle

There’s nothing better than a motivational postcard with a trendy mandala design! Get your postcard recipient motivated.

  • PRINTABLE Darth Vader Valentine card [Star Wars] – $3
PRINTABLE Darth Vader Valentine card [Star Wars]

This cute little Darth Vader print will make any Star Wars saga fan happy. This postcard design is the best for St. Valentine’s Day!

  • I Licked It So It’s Mine Postcard – $3
I Licked It So It’s Mine Postcard

A kinky person will fall in love with this “I Licked It… So It’s Mine” postcard. So, choose it to spread the love!

  • Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards Bundle – $5
Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards Bundle

This handwritten Mother’s Day postcard is extremely cute, all thanks to the heartwarming message on the card.

Unicorn Clipart Elements: For those who Believe in Miracles

Unicorn Clipart Elements: For those who Believe in Miracles

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Unicorns are magical creatures that transferred from the ancient legends to pop culture. In 2019, unicorn designs are a hot trend a creative professional must not neglect! Luckily, MasterBundles provides you with lovely unicorn graphic elements to use in a variety of projects. Make no mistake, unicorns aren’t meant strictly for children related stuff. How about using unicorn clipart for UI elements, book illustrations, clothes prints?

In case you’re in doubt, see a few ideas listed below:

  • Stationery design (calendars, postcards, notebooks)
  • Fashion (clothes, accessories, jewelry)
  • Interior and furniture design (wallpaper, pieces of furniture)
  • Internet memes

High-quality unicorn clipart and illustrations are hard to find. Fortunately, the bundle below contains everything you need:

  • Unicorns: Hand-drawn Style Cartoon Illustrations – $15
Unicorns: Hand-drawn Style Cartoon Illustrations

This Hand-drawn Style Cartoon Illustrations bundle is a universal collection of unicorn patterns, illustrations, and random design elements.

Here’s what you’ll get for only $15:

  • 5 hand-drawn lettering elements
  • 6 ready-made cards
  • 9 circle frames
  • 3 high-resolution unicorn patterns
  • Magic calendar 2019

Mandala Designs 2019: Express Yourself With Gorgeous Graphics

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Even if you’re not into religion, you have most definitely seen the mandala symbol. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the geometric structure of a mandala symbolizes the Universe. From the Sanskrit language, the word “mandala” translates as “center,” “disk,” “circle.” In summer 2019, mandala designs can be seen everywhere starting with floral compositions ending with tattoos.

Also, mandala symbols are employed in printed and electronic media, web design, interior design, clothes, and accessories, etc. Design professionals interested in the mandala geometry should see the items below:

  • Mandala Creator Collection – $29

To make an unmatched mandala design in mere minutes, use any of these 800+ patterns in the Mandala Creator.

  • Mandala Coloring Book – $12
Mandala Coloring Book

Coloring books won’t make you 100% stress-free, but they can take your mind off things. Enjoy the 24 coloring pages with mandala outlines!

  • Certificate of Completion Certificate Template
Certificate of Completion Certificate Template

More Details

Modern IT companies are doing a course to get more junior specialists for their company. That is why certificate templates are very pertinent to the current situation.

Certificate of Completion is presented in four different formats (PSD, AI, EPS, and PDF). There is also an opportunity to pick a suitable color for you.

For example:

  • green suits for events certificates;
  • yellow suits for celebration certificates;
  • blue suits for competition certificates;
  • white suits for courses certificates.
  • Delphina | Beauty Script Font Font
Delphina | Beauty Script Font Font

 More Details

At the moment there are many great fonts on the web, and in order to find the one, it is sometimes necessary to revise a bunch of sites on this topic. It is not at all necessary that the result will satisfy you.

Delfina is an OTF & TTF font. It has PUA Unicode and works with many popular languages. You will find also many alternates, glyphs, and ligatures.

25+ Bullet Journal Fonts to Make Your BuJo Fancy in 2019

25+ Bullet Journal Fonts to Make Your BuJo Fancy

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An IT professional should take note of bullet journaling! There’s no better way to set goals and keep track of tasks. Ryder Carroll, a New York designer, was the first to invent a bullet-journal. Carroll was looking for a comfortable system to trace his spontaneous ideas so that he could later come back to them.

Despite the fact that today most people use digital apps for running tasks, typefaces play a crucial role in bullet journaling. In the post, you’ll access more than 25 pre-made fonts to use for keeping a bullet journal. Here you’ll find all kinds of typefaces from modern to retro, from handwritten to fancy ones.

  • Retro Vintage Font Handy Script – $10
Retro Vintage Font Handy Script
  • Mandalica Calligraphy Handwriting Font – $12
Mandalica Calligraphy Handwriting Font
  • Belinda Tamira – Font duo + 20 Logos
Belinda Tamira – Font duo + 20 Logos
  • Raven MX Display Font – $4
Raven MX Display Font
  • Royal Creation Kit – 100+ elements – $19
Royal Creation Kit
  • Geometric Luxurygold Pattern
Geometric Luxurygold Pattern

Freshen up a design of your business product with this pattern. The geometric luxury gold pattern pack offers you ten different designs (hearts, flowers, diamond, etc.). You can also pick a suitable background for you – transparent or white. Moreover, this print is so universal, so it will suit any your idea. Spread up your business at your social accounts like Instagram or Facebook.

There are 20 files in two formats – PNG and JPEG. Both of these files have the same resolution 300 dpi and 2700 x 2700 px.

7 Gold Foil Textures 2019. Best Bundles for Creative Use

7 Gold Foil Textures 2019. Best Bundles for Creative Use

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In 2019, it’s all about glitter and gold. Designers are jumping on the bandwagon and choose gold foil texture to translate rich and lavish into their work. Thanks to being a versatile texture, gold foil can be employed in web design, scrapbooking, DIY, fashion, and whatnot.

High-resolution gold foil textures are hard to find, but MasterBundles offers you bungles of the best quality. Check out the best gold foil texture bundles listed below:

  • Vector Foil TOOLKIT For Illustrator – $14
Vector Foil TOOLKIT For Illustrator

This Vector Foil Toolkit for Illustrator with 56 unique styles.

  • 805 Glamourous Brighten Textures – $25
805 Glamourous Brighten Textures

Over 800 shiny foil textures are applicable in the projects of any complexity.

  • Gold Foil and Glitter Textures – $4
Gold Foil and Glitter Textures

If you’re looking for classic Gold Foil and Glitter Textures, this bundle is just the thing for you.

  • Sistec Instagram Promotional Banner Social Media
Sistec Instagram Promotional Banner Social Media

The conceptual Instagram promotional banner – Sistec was developed in Illustrator. AI files are editable, so it’s very easy to change color, text, photo, and more. More details:

  • AI files are compatible with Illustrator CS2 and newer version.
  • 9 AI files at 1200 x 1200 px.
  • Smart objects used for images.
  • High resolution – 300 dpi.
  • Sistec developers have used CMYK color mode.
  • Link to used fonts included in a zip file.

This social media template is perfect to start to promote your business today.

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