How Development In Medicine can Help You!!!

How Development In Medicine can Help You

Synthetic urine, just like many other controversial inventions, is shrouded with numerous myths and understatements. We decided to take a closer look at the case. The questions we asked ourselves were the following:

What is fake urine?

Fake pee is what it sounds like, although definitely more real-like than you think. It’s a mixture of water (if in liquid form), nitrates, carbamide, uric acid, minerals, and creatine. The mixture has also a natural urine smell — thanks to the accurate selection of ingredients. Basically, products like Quick Fix Urine are actual urine but produced in a laboratory instead of in a human bladder. It also has the pH level correct for our urine.

Fake urine is also used i.a. by hunters. They sprinkle themselves with artificial deer urine for camouflage — to neutralize the human smell.

Why is this product so debatable?

The first thing that comes up to mind is medical checks. And that, dear reader, is a correct association. Using artificial urine is officially illegal and punishable in 18 states. People submit replaced urine for drug tests. The product goes in set either with a thermometer on the bottle or special temperature-sensitive test strips. A well-prepared mixture is supposed to have about 98°F — as warm as a human body.

What are other uses of artificial urine?

Even though fake pee has been strictly associated with manipulating drug tests, it doesn’t mean it’s its only purpose.

Just like fake blood, fake pee can be used for special effects and more realistic movie scenes. Or not very tasteful pranks…

Other than that, keeping in mind that we are human and nothing human should be alien to us, we should be aware that every one of us has their particular sexual tastes. Artificial urine can be used to fulfill one’s sexual fetishes, as well.

How can I prepare the fake urine?

No one can deny that the fake urine has many advantages in the world of drug tests. This is in addition to many practical uses in our daily life. You will be fascinated by the areas where you can use the fake urine except the drug testing for sure. In the next lines, we will handle you two top recipes to easily prepare fake urine for your own purpose.

Before starting the process, you have to prepare many tools in order to easily make it happen. First of all, you need a digital scale for the sake of exact measuring. You will be obliged to measure liquid volume too, try to get some handy cups for that too. In addition to that, a PH measure is very necessary to test the final product too.

Artificial Urine Recipe 1

Artificial Urine Recipe 1

Artificial Urine

The Ingredients you need

•             You have to bring 976 ml of 0.02-ml hydrochloric acid

•             In addition to that, you need a 1.9 ml of 0.25 ammonia solution

•             Furthermore, you need 14.1 g sodium chloride or table salt

•             Bringing 2.8 g potassium chloride is a must too

•             The 17.3 g urea is the great pillar for the fake urine

•             You have to get 0.6 g calcium chloride

•             Finally, you need a

•             Finally, you need 0.43 g magnesium sulfate

Instructions to follow to prepare your next fake urine solution

Once you have prepared all the ingredients, you have to mix it all together in a container of 1 liter.

You have to mix them slowly and carefully for sure. You have to put the ammonia solution and the hydraulic acid after it. After at, you need to keep the adding at a conceiving odor too.

You have to store after that put the mixture in a safe place after sealing the container. Like that, it can last for many weeks. You can keep it safe from extreme temperatures.

Recipe 2

What kind of Ingredients do you need?

•             In fact, you need to prepare the 750 ml-distilled water

•             After that bring 7.5 g sodium chloride

•             In addition to that treaty to get 50 mg albumin powder (bovine or egg)

•             You will also need 4.5 g potassium chloride

•             Plus an amount of 4.8 g sodium phosphate (monobasic)

•             The 18.2 g urea is necessary too

Instructions to follow in order to get the best results

After preparing all the previous ingredients, try to pour the water into your container of 1 liter. After that try to add the urea to the conditioner and mix the crystal until you see the liquid is dissolved. After that, try to add table salt and sodium postage and mix them very well.

Actually, you have store the mixture in a very clean container. This is what needs to be done until you need it. For instance, you can open the container when you need a drug test for instance. We highly recommend the sound recipe since it has the best easy way to prepare and the ingredients are easier to find and gather to prepare them to take urine too. You can also freeze it and keep for a month without the need to re-prepare the recipe again.

Why do I need to prepare fake urine? Is it efficient for a drug test?

You can rely on the DIY recipe in order to seek the best fake urine for your specific testes. You will have great insulators that can make your liquid at an adequate temperature for sure. You may even want to prepare the urine for your specific other tasks like making pranks or even use it for educational stuff.

You will be able to get the best fake urine by choosing the right ingredients for your unique urine. In fact, the best use of fake urine if for a drug test. All that you have to do is to repaper the previous recipe in previous delta time. Like that, the effect will be more efficient.

Since the more the solution of fake urine is old, the more it looks real. Accordingly, you can easily bring the best to your drug test in matter what tasks you need it for.

We prepared more information for our curious readers. Below you can find all you need to know. Do you have any more questions? Or maybe some spicy fake urine stories you’d like to share with us? For more information have a look at the info-graphic below :

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