How Do EMF Protection Devices Work

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We are living in an era where mobile phones are essential to daily life. But do we ever think about the negative effects, in a sense, deathly effects that it is leaving behind. Surely that is not instant, but mobile phones are causing slow deaths. They radiate electromagnetic waves, which is carcinogenic. There are some brands, whose mobiles’ radiate excessively. So, to keep those radiation far from us, EMF protectors are to the rescue.

In this article, we will discuss how these EMF protector devices work, and whether they truly lessen the effects of radiation or not. Continue reading on EMFAssure to learn more about EMF protection.

What Kind of EMF Protection for Devices are There?

There are different kinds of EMF blockers available, which prevent the radiation from reaching your body. EMF blockers are present in metal form, fabric, or paint. Metals are considered to be the most effective EMF blockers, such as copper, brass, tin, silver and nickel. However, people are reluctant to install metal EMF blockers due to the hassle and time-consuming procedure.

Fabric blockers, which are hats, blankets, and tops prevent the electromagnetic radiations from reaching your body. However, EMF blocking fabrics are not popular yet, as people don’t like to wear them due to their lack of style and design.

Paint blockers are very rare, and not many people use them. Also, not every country has adopted this as an EMF blocker as well. But this is the most hazardous process because you eventually have to paint your entire house. It is also partially effective, because you won’t be staying inside the house the entire day.

How EMF Protectors Work on Devices

EMF protectors neutralize the negative frequencies dispersed by the devices. Hence, the radiation becomes weak until it can reach your body. They still help, as radiation is reduced by 80%.

Some cell phone accessories such as EMF protection stickers and phone-covers help as well. But people do not want to spend money on them. But they don’t realize that they are increasing their long-term expenses on their health.

There are also EMF prevention pendants, bracelets and lockets that neutralize radiation.

Special EMF Protectors   

There are scientific studies which show that some kinds of crystals, rocks and minerals also help to prevent these electromagnetic radiations from reaching your body. A very well-known mineral for this benefit is known as Shungite, which is a black lustrous mineral.

You can use them in jewelry form as mentioned earlier, such as a pendant, bracelet, or necklace. In this way you can put up your style and protection at the same time.

Things You Should Know Before Applying an EMF Protector to Your Devices

You should invest in an EMF meter, which will help you detect the amount of radiation your devices are emitting. That way, you can tell if your EMF protection products are working.

Also, you should stick to proven methods for lowering EMF exposure. These proven methods include device shields. Do not solely rely on user reviews for buying anything, or you might pick the wrong one for yourself.

There are many sellers who are bringing up new EMF protectors claiming 100% effective protection. But there is no such product that will provide foolproof protection from those damaging radiations. So, do not get tricked by those marketing practices.

Extra Tips on EMF Prevention

You should always turn off your wireless devices, such as your WiFi router and Bluetooth headphones when they are not in use.

You should never keep wireless devices near your head while you are sleeping.

You should always turn off your device’s WiFi, mobile hotspot and Bluetooth connections while you are sleeping.


Do you know why people in the ancient days used to live so long? Because they were not exposed to the health damaging radiations that we have in this century. Day by day human lifespan is decreasing with this being one of the causes.

Even not for yourself, think about your family and try to use some kind of reliable EMF protectors for your devices. That way, you will at least stay out of such deathly radiations.


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