How to Become a Good Writer

Writing, just like any other skill, takes time to develop. No good writer was born with writing skills. Everyone that writes well today once sucked at it.

But with time and commitment, they honed their skills. If you want to become a good writer (any type of writing), there are some principles you must pay attention to. It is a step-by-step journey. Becoming an outstanding writer may take time but you will eventually get there if you know how to. This article aims to show you how to be a good writer.

Here are the things you must do to become a successful writer:

Learn from the Best

You should identify expert writers you love their writing and follow them closely. Whether you are a fiction or nonfiction writer, the principle remains the same. Learn from the best if you want to become outstanding. In this internet age, learning from established writers is very easy. Follow their blogs and social media handles. If they have written books on How to Write, read their books with a passion. Most importantly, whatever type of writing they do, you have to be a big fan of it. Consume their works as much as possible. In no time, you will become a better writer.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is not just a way of practicing but also a strategy that enables you to showcase your writing skill to the world. By getting the opportunity to write for people’s websites, their audience will get to know you and what you have got. Brainz Magazine is a good platform where you can contribute articles. The platform covers topics ranging from leadership, business, personal development to lifestyle.


It is impossible to improve as a writer without consistent practice. The major way to become a good writer is to keep writing. If you are a fiction writer, keep writing stories. Even when you don’t publish them, keep writing down your inspirations as a way of honing your craft. You can also consider creating a blog. Blogging is a proven way to move from a newbie to an expert writer. In a nutshell, find a way to write as frequently as possible.

Read Books

Become an avid reader. Good writers are generally known to be voracious readers. To become good at writing, you must expose yourself to what others have written. This is a proven way to train your mind to write better.


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