How to choose the right path

Life is made of decisions.

It is an everlasting flow of choices that lead us to new destinations; every moment in our lives we must take chances. Every option we pick opens a new path to our future. We make decisions based on our knowledge, but sometimes we should listen to our inner voice.

So, how do we decide the right path?

Our mind loves to solve puzzles; that’s why we tend to complicate everything. It is a bad habit we should fix.

Let’s say we have two jobs opportunities and we do not know which one is the best for us. Our mind will perform some calculations to contrast the pros and cons based on cold estimations. Your brain will estimate the kind of job, the payment, the distance from home to workplace, benefits, etc.

Once it performed these considerations, it will get a result. That result will be cold mind optimized, meaning that you’ll get a decision that promotes “material” benefits such as payment, prizes, promotions and so. Nevertheless, this could not be the best decision. Maybe you’ll get some quick benefits, but while time progresses you’ll get tired, bored or worried.

You have no peace. Why? Because you chose the wrong way.

You let your mind take a decision that involves all your body and soul, but you never listened to your inner voice and now you are miserable.When your inner voice is telling you advance in your career and you listened to it, chances are you’ll find peace as you pursue even when you face challenges. You’ll find better options and solutions such as taking an engineering management degree online even when you see yourself a busy person.

How do you listen to your inner voice?

Someday, years ago, I learned this little secret I am going to share with you; every time I used it, it worked.

When you face a decision you’ll get several choices to pick, but instead of thinking them, you should learn this exercise and apply it.

As mentioned before, when you have to decide between one job or another the right way is to imagine yourself in that job and FEEL every emotion that comes.

You should choose the first job and try to imagine a day in that new workplace. You should imagine yourself waking up early, having breakfast, traveling, arriving and working. The same applies to the second one.

While practicing this exercise you’ll sense many emotions, good and bad.

If you feel “bad” while imaging your life working in the first job opportunity but happy with the second one, it is pretty obvious that you should take the second options, despite this may contradict a decision proposed by your mind.

Remember, what you feel while memorizing a choice is what you’ll really experiment if you would choose it.

This simple but effective exercise will let you take the right decision when facing several dilemmas. The one that you represent in your mind and give you peace, joy, and happiness is the right one.

right wayHow to fine tune your decisions?

You can try The Law Of Attraction to improve your decisions.

When you use this Law, you put your mind at your service to attract what you wish. Then, the universe gives you opportunities to choose from based on your thoughts.

Again, when challenged with several options you should use the previous technique to pick the right one. The main difference here is that you’ll be faced with many options concerning your desire. You’ll find several ways to get what you initiated with your mind.

USE your mind, not only listen to it and make decisions based on thoughts BUT learn to educate your brain to give you the correct answer paired with your feelings. We are body, mind, and soul. If you only trust your mind you’ll lose a lot of wonderful things that life wants to give you for free.

Learn to hear your inner voice; it will guide you thru life.

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