How to make IKEA furniture stand out?

How to make IKEA furniture stand out?

IKEA introduces 2000 products into the range globally each year. So it‘s not surprising that one out of 10 babies across Europe are made in IKEA beds and the furniture stands in the home of the British royal family. Because of the huge popularity worldwide, many search for ways to make their IKEA furniture look even more high-end and expensive. Let it be POANG chair cover or alternative legs, today it is more than easy to renew the look of your IKEA furniture

Change the legs of your furniture

Even though it might be hard to believe that someone notices the legs of your furniture, alternative legs can drastically change the overall design. A new set of legs will surely make your IKEA furniture like brand new even though you bought it several years ago. Pick wood material for classic and traditional interior design or you can add some spiciness when choosing fun and different rounded legs.

Makeover with covers

Do you have Poang chair for a long time and it lacks freshness and bright color? It‘s not a problem with IKEA furniture covers. Put on a hand made, high-quality POANG chair cover on your favorite piece of furniture and be amazed at how everything changes in a blink of a moment! A huge variety of different materials and colors will fit into any home interior.

Choose the one made from natural linen fabric when the weather outside is shiny and hot or pick heavy-duty to add more texture to your chair or sofa. The best part about covers is that you don‘t need to say goodbye to your most cherished piece of furniture – it‘s enough to change its outer layer.

Contact paper makes a difference

POANG chair cover was a great example of upholstered furniture, but what about other pieces that don‘t have soft edges? Everything is possible if you have a contact paper. All there is to do is to stick the paper right onto the surface of any piece of furniture and voilà! Of course, play with different prints and colors to find the best fitting design for your home interior. There are such options as marble patterns or chalkboard paper. Be creative and get started!

What if it floats?

Honestly, you can make any furniture float and IKEA is no exception. Well, of course, we‘re not talking here about your brand new POANG chair cover and the chair itself. If you have followed the latest trends in interior design, you must have noticed that today floating furniture is a part of it. Floating furniture can be placed in any room of your

home so it‘s versatile and easily adaptable in any interior. For instance, floating shelves are the perfect storage places in the kitchen, living room or even bathroom. Make it float!

There are many more ways to highlight the IKEA furniture. And sometimes even surroundings or little details can help a lot. For instance, place light-colored furniture near dark walls. Or decorate them with colorful accessories. Place a printed textile on your brand new POANG chair cover. It all makes the difference.


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