How To Use Technology To Make Your Journey Go Quicker

At some point, everyone needs to travel, whether for a work trip, a daily commute, or going on vacation. However, even when headed somewhere exciting (like on vacation), the journey can drag, and what should feel like several hours can start to feel like several days. 

But a trip feeling like it drags on forever isn’t a necessary evil. Instead, by following these steps, you can embrace your commuting time and make the most of it!

1. Find Moments of Peace

Almost every journey, no matter the type of transport, will often have a lull in the action. In these moments, you can turn a break into a moment of peace; use technology and the time you have to do something you enjoy. 

You could use your Kindle/Ebook device and read another chapter while waiting for a train. Or, if you’re a vaper and have a device like those from waka vape, you can step outside (if smoking and vaping are allowed in the area) and take a minute to yourself. In the hustle and bustle of traveling, these moments of peace will distract you from the waiting, and your time will feel more productive. 

2. Get Your Airline’s App

Many people often stand, toe-tapping, waiting for their gate information on a big screen before a flight. But did you know that this information is now, more often than not, distributed earlier on apps? Several train apps, including Trainline, will give an estimated platform for your train’s departure. 

Instead of feeling like you’re waiting, endlessly staring at a screen, you can turn your notifications on and wait for the ‘ping’ of information. That way, you don’t need to sacrifice your time reading, listening to a podcast, shopping, or taking a stroll.

3. Listen to Music

Listening to music is an incredible asset in helping you boost your experience. Music changes behavior; it can alter how you feel and what you notice around you. That means, should you play upbeat songs or songs that make you happy, you’ll see different things around you than if you were listening to sad music or no music at all.

A change in music can result in a change of pace. So whatever device you use: Spotify, an iPod, or YouTube, make sure you’ve downloaded a playlist before you travel so there’s no shortage of tunes to listen to. 

4. Invest in Headphones

Waiting and boredom, as well as intense pain, are two significant reasons why time starts to slow, and on a long journey, this is the last feeling you need. While a screaming child on a plane or general annoying noises aren’t typically intensely painful, the unrelenting nature of these sounds can be hard to ignore. So escape by listening to your tunes with some noise-canceling headphones.

Final Thoughts 

These four simple tips are easy to adopt and make your trip feel like it’s going by more quickly. Utilize technology to make the most of your journey and enjoy the moment rather than wishing the time away.


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