It’s Time to Biker Up Your Style

Long gone are the times when biker jewelry was only for motorcyclists. Today, every man can flaunt daring and outlandish accessories sporting biker symbolism. if you want custom belt buckles australia will find buckles with skulls, feathers, and even Celtic knots. From classic to vintage designs, there is a wide selection of biker jewelry for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or just want to show off your individual style.

A biker ring or a necklace is a great gift for free-spirited guys who are not afraid of bold accessories and experiments with their own lifestyle.

After all, biker jewelry is called to express its owner’s taste and emphasize his individuality.

Biker jewelry may seem a little uncouth, rough, rustic, but it has its irresistible charm. Many models are real pieces of art and artisans take pride in their creations. Once you put on a biker accessory, there is no way back.

You’d like to add more and more pieces to make your look complete. There is nothing wrong with it. The most important thing is that you keep your jewelry in a similar style and you know how to assemble your ‘ensemble’ properly.

Together with one of the largest biker jewelry manufacturers Bikerringshop, we’re delving into the unique world of biker accessories.

Biker rings

The must-have element of any biker look is a ring… many rings. The very first a biker rings have Mexican origins.

They are often called Mexican rings. Unlike modern biker ornaments, they featured yellow hues since the alloys comprised copper.

Today, biker fashion recognizes silver and steel metals, although retro Mexican rings are sought-after for collectors and old-school riders.

Biker rings are available in myriads of designs – motor-related slogans, motorcycle logos, skulls, engines, etc. Motorcycle clubs can even have custom-made rings reflecting the club’s symbols and mascots. Regardless of a particular design, biker rings are burly, solid, and heavy-duty.

Biker Watches

Let’s be honest – a watch is not something you think a biker would sport. Nevertheless, they wear this accessory.

How else would they know what time it is? It is risky to take a phone out of jeans pockets when riding a hundred miles per hour.

So having a watch on a wrist is sensible, practical, and stylish, especially when it blends in with other accessories.

When it comes to biker watches, there are a few options to choose from. Those can be pocket watches with a chain that pays tribute to Victorian or steampunk designs.

Those who ride sport bikes prefer sports watches with elastic bands. Finally, true bikers would pick massive and durable models made of metal with a chain or leather straps and motorcycle symbolism.

If none of the options tickle your fancy, you can go with regular men’s watches but we doubt they are able to withstand the rigors of motorcycle riding.

Belt Buckles

There has been a debate on whether belt buckles should be included in the jewelry section or in the clothing. However, we believe that buckles are closer to jewelry since they are used for the sole purpose of decorating.

Biker buckles are not your regular belt buckles. They are large, imposing, and carrying important biker symbolism.

This can include the V-twin engine, skulls, eagles, Indians, and other commonplace designs. Without a buckle, your image won’t be complete, so you should really consider introducing at least one such item to your wardrobe.

Biker Earrings

Bikers are the people we should thank for men’s earrings. Many centuries ago, men wore earrings on a par with women but by the beginning of the 20th century, this tradition has practically been gone. Biker movement revived the fashion for rings in men’s ears.

The most popular earring model is studded. They are small, easy to maintain, and suitable for any situation. You don’t even have to part with studs at work – most office dress codes allow discreet men’s body ornaments.

If studs are not your cup of tea or you prefer to have more alternatives, you can also add hoop earrings or bangles to your biker jewelry collection.

What unites all these models are imposing sizes, solid weight, and, of course, biker symbolism.

While regular men’s earrings are smooth or stone inlaid, biker counterparts feature skulls, crosses, crowns, birds, animals, motorcycle parts, etc.

Biker Necklaces

Another biker classic is a necklace. Motorcyclists are not scared to go big with these accessories. A heavy, finger-thick solid chain will command respect and admiration of every avid motorcyclist.

Unlike other biker items, chain necklaces feature traditional designs. You can find many Cuban (or Curb) or Figaro weavings in a biker necklace department.

Along with that, there are fancy items for connoisseurs of a bold style. They are made of dozens of skulls, Iron Cross, or other designer links. Someone says they add a touch of individuality but we tend to disagree.

They add a bunch of cool attitude, risqué style, and freedom of self-expression into a melting pot called biker fashion.

If you’re not ready for a pound-heavy necklace, there is an alternative – a leather string with a silver pendant. This option is ideal for a laid-back down-to-earth demeanor.

There are some other items you can try on to step up your biker style – bracelets, wallet chains, actual biker wallets, money clips, etc. Just remember – all these elements must be cohesive, otherwise you’ll look like a caricature.


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