Kaspersky Security for Mac 2016 Review

Kaspersky internet Security for Mac Review

Kaspersky Security for Mac is a top performer Antivirus Software and it’s our best in class antivirus for Mac, Kaspersky has improved the real-time protection from viruses, Trojans, spyware, Phishing attempts, dangerous websites and more. And, it prevents you from passing PC and Mac malware onto family, friends and colleagues on your network. with lightest running antivirus on CPU and memory. Kaspersky Security for Mac also provide strong parental control and excellent anti-Phishing features

Price:: $19.95

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  • Fast scan
  • Blocking adware
  • Real time protection and Automatic updates
  • Web surf Protection
  • Parental Control
  • initial scan takes long time
  • No spam filter
  • Do not support scan for iPad or iPhone
Bottom Line

Kaspersky Security for Mac is one of top performance mac antivirus software with strong blocking and anti-phishing engine

Kaspersky Security for Mac 2016 Review

Kaspersky mac DashboardOne of the advantages of using Kaspersky is the large variety of features this application offers, and the new version of Kaspersky Security for Mac delivers protection from all new and emerging threats using both traditional and cloud-based technologies In addition to protecting your Mac from viruses, worms and similar threats, Kaspersky provides antivirus protection while browsing the web. This allows you to surf the internet safely and destroy any threat that creeps onto your device.

The Kaspersky Mac antivirus software also offers advanced parental controls allow you monitor and limit your children’s Internet usage, block access to inappropriate sites and prevent private data such as phone and credit card numbers from being shared. You can also easily control your children’s online communications via social networks and block any unwanted contacts..

Kaspersky Mac antivirus has a very simple and user-friendly interface. with familiar Mac-style one of the weak points of this application does not offer firewall protection. but Kaspersky offers a large feature set with excellent scanning features and tools, It is capable of discovering a wide range of threats.

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Not sure if Kasparskey is the right Antivirus, check out our highly recommended Mac Antivirus, Intego Internet Security

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