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high-level hosting service, with many features and exceptional support.

As someone who reviews hosting and runs a website, it can be difficult to find a reliable host with top-notch features and support. Luckily, KnownHost has established itself as a trustworthy option for webmasters seeking exactly that. We have been using KnownHost for our website since 2017 and have experienced excellent performance. KnownHost offers various hosting plans with top-notch features. One of the best features is their uptime guarantee of 99.9%, ensuring that your website will always be accessible without slow loading times or server crashes.

Moreover, KnownHost provides high-end hardware for their servers along with optimized settings to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Their infrastructure is also incredibly secure due to advanced firewalls protecting data from potential attackers.


  • Customer support provides excellent and professional service.
  • High Performance and Reliable
  • Automated backups
  • DDoS protection
  • Free Migration


  • If you want to keep the discounted prices, you need to make a long-term commitment.
  • SSL certificate is not free with all plans
  • No website Builder
  • Expensive Cloud Host

Shared Hosting: Starts at $3.47

WordPress Hosting: Start at $5.98

Cloud Hosting: Start at $50

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Bottom Line

KnownHost is an excellent hosting service for individuals and businesses looking for a reliable, secure and fast web host. They offer premium features such as unlimited bandwidth, NVMe cloud storage, automated backups and free domain name registration. Additionally, they have great customer support with the option of live chat to help answer any questions you may have about their services.

KnownHost Review 2023:

When searching for web hosting, it’s important to consider factors such as customer support, performance, price, features, and hosting control panel. KnownHost excels in all of these areas and provides excellent support through live chat, ticket system, and phone. Their server speed is impressive, resulting in faster website loading and higher search engine rankings. Additionally, all plans are reasonably priced with a 30-day money-back guarantee ensuring customer satisfaction or refund.

KnownHost offers a wide range of hosting packages and specialized services to meet your needs. They have product-specific hosting plans and prioritize customer satisfaction. Although they don’t have a BBB directory rating, they have a great rating on TrustPilot. Additionally, they provide automated backups and unlimited bandwidth and databases, making it easy to launch and maintain your website.

Customer Support

KnownHost’s customer support is their most popular feature, as their team is available round the clock via phone, live chat, and email. They also provide a vast collection of knowledge base tutorials and articles to guide users with any hosting-related questions or issues. We have had a great experience with their technical support team who possess high skills to handle various hosting-related problems. They have been able to resolve even the most complex technical issues with impressive response time and customer experience. Based on our years of experience with them, we have complete confidence that they will continue to provide efficient solutions for any technical issues we encounter in the future. Many KnownHost users across various websites agree with us and have been pleased with the exceptional service you will receive when compared to other hosting providers.

Uptime and Page Speed

Next, we need to review the performance and uptime of KnownHost. To ensure maximum performance, they offer high-end hardware and optimized settings for their servers. Furthermore, knownHost guarantees a reliable uptime of 99.9%, ensuring that your website won’t experience slow loading times or server crashes.

Their impressive page speed scores are important for ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) and complement their great uptime. As our website is huge and receives high traffic along with having many plugins, their average loading time of around 518 ms and 0.6s TTFB score serves as a testament to their efficiency.

5bestthings Pager Speed test with KnownHost
5bestthings Pager Speed test with KnownHost

KnownHost Hosting Prices & Plans – 2023

We will review the hosting plans offered by knownHost, which consist of shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting. We will also discuss the differences between managed and unmanaged hosting while concentrating on the feature sets and pricing

Shared Web Hosting

knownhost Shared Web Hosting
knownHost Shared Web Hosting Plans (Image credit: knownHost)

knownHost offers four different plans. The cheapest plan is Basic Hosting which costs $3.47 per month and includes 512 MB Memory Limit storage and 5 GB Cloud Storage. The next plan is called STANDARD and costs $6.47 per month. It includes 1 GB Memory Limit storage and 20 GB Cloud Storage. The PROFESSIONAL plan costs $9.97 per month, includes 2 GB Memory Limit storage, and comes with unlimited Cloud Storage. Finally, there is the PREMIUM plan which is $19.97 per month and includes unlimited Cloud Storage and 4 GB Memory.

KnownHost plans come with free SSL certificates, LiteSpeed caching technology, cPanel access management tools, and unlimited emails. The best part is that there are no hidden fees with KnownHost, unlike other web hosting providers that may charge extra for these features.

It may be surprising to know that their shared hosting service has exceptional performance compared to other web hosting providers. Even the Professional Plan outperforms competitors who advertise more memory for a lower cost.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an ever-growing platform that is used by many webmasters for blogging, building eCommerce stores, and creating websites. KnownHost offers three plans to support this popular hosting service:

All knowHost WordPress plans use NVMe Storage (Non-Volatile Memory Express) which is a high-performance and highly reliable storage solution. NVMe storage provides up to 30X faster read/write speeds compared to traditional spinning hard drives. The plans also include free SSL certificates, LiteSpeed caching technology, cPanel access management tools, and unlimited emails

The first plan – ENTRY WordPress – costs $5.98 per month and includes 50 GB NVMe Storage. The second plan is called BUSINESS WordPress and it costs $9.98/mo per month. It includes 100 GB NVMe Storage Storage. Finally, there is the CORPORATE WORDPRESS plan which costs $$19.98/ per month and includes 150 GB NVMe Storagestorage with unlimited Cloud Storage.

All plans come with automated WordPress backups, LiteSpeed caching technology, and cPanel access management tools. Please be aware that the WordPress plan does not include an SSL certificate. Additionally, note that the price will increase upon renewal. It is recommended to opt for a 12 or 36-month plan to maintain the initial pricing.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting is a great choice for developers or webmasters who need more control over their hosting environment. KnownHost provides managed and unmanaged which is perfect for those looking for more customization.

ok, what is managed and unmanaged host plan?

Managed hosting is a type of web hosting service where the host handles all maintenance and technical aspects of the server. This includes monitoring, daily backups, security patches, and software updates. Managed hosting also comes with premium features such as cPanel access management tools, LiteSpeed caching technology, and unlimited emails.

knownhost unmanaged host plan
knownHost unmanaged host plan (Image credit: knownHost)

Unmanaged hosting is for those who have more tech-savvy customers. With this type of hosting, you are responsible for your own maintenance and support. You will need to configure your own server settings which can be a challenge for beginners. Unmanaged plans are perfect if you have an in-house IT team or want full control over your website environment without any support from the hosting provider.

KnownHost offers unmanaged VPS plans starting from $5 per month and going up to $80 per month, depending on the amount of CPU, RAM, and storage selected.

Managed VPS Hosting plans

KnownHost offer 4 plans of managed VPS hosting.

The Basic plan costs $40 per month and comes with 4GB of RAM, 75GB storage, 2 CPU cores, and 2TB bandwidth. The Standard Plan costs $60 per month and includes 8GB RAM, 150GB storage, 4 CPU cores, and 4TB bandwidth. The Professional Plan is priced at $80/month and includes 10GB RAM, 250GB storage, 6 CPU cores ,and 5TB bandwidth. Lastly, the Premium Plan is priced at $190/month and comes equipped with 12 GB RAM , 300 GB Storage , 8 CPU cores & 6 TB Bandwidth .

All plans come with cPanel access management tools, LiteSpeed caching technology, automated backups and unlimited emails.

KnownHost Managed VPS Hosting plans
KnownHost Managed VPS Hosting plans (Image credit: KnownHost)

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a web hosting service that operates on several virtual servers that are linked together to create a cloud. This leads to better performance by offering more resources with enhanced scalability and dependability. Moreover, it provides automated backups, faster loading times, and better security due to its distributed nature. However, the downside is that it can be expensive.

KnownHost offer 4 plans for cloud hosting:

The Basic plan costs $50 per month and includes 4 GB RAM, 60 GB storage, 2 CPU cores, and 2TB bandwidth. The Standard Plan costs $70/month and comes with 6 GB RAM, 50GB storage, 4 CPU cores, and 3 TB bandwidth. The Professional Plan is priced at $90/month and includes 4 GB RAM, 100GB storage, 8 CPU cores, and 4 TB bandwidth. Lastly, the Premium Plan is priced at $120/month and comes with 8 GB RAM, 150 GB Storage, 16 CPU cores & 5 TB Bandwidth.

All plans come with cPanel access management tools, and addon LiteSpeed caching technology. Additionally, all plans also include automated backups and unlimited emails .

KnownHost Cloud hosting
KnownHost Cloud hosting (Image credit: KnownHost)

Dedicated Servers

If you need more control over your hosting environment and need a full-dedicated server setup then Knownhost has some great options for you too. They offer five dedicated server models ranging from Dual Xeon E3-1230v2 to Dual Xeon Gold 6140.

These servers are perfect for large websites or applications that need higher reliability and performance. They include high-end hardware such as Intel processors, NVMe storage, DDR4 RAM, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel access management tools, and 24/7 support from their team of experts.

KnownHost’s dedicated server plans start from $99 per month to $799 per month depending on the server model selected.


The security of a website is paramount for any webmaster. KnownHost has advanced firewalls and malware scanners to protect data from potential attackers. They also provide DDoS protection and daily backups to ensure that your data is safe even in the worst-case scenario. Furthermore, they offer SSL certificates that your website can be accessed via secure connection (https).


With fully monitored infrastructure and PCI complaints added a redundant power delivery makes Knownhost a leading hosting service, 99.99 uptime record and high-speed server will give you all the benefits to start with Knownhost. Additionally, they are a great provider of security and have a dedicated team of professionals who will help you set up firewalls and malware protection on your websites.

Getting Started with KnownHost

The process of getting started with KnownHost is quite straightforward. All you have to do is sign up and select your hosting plan. You will be able to customize the hosting package according to your needs, such as domain registration, website builder, and more. Afterward, you can make payment using a variety of payment methods such as PayPal or credit/debit cards.

Once complete, you will receive an automated welcome email with all the details for setting up your account and access control panel where you can manage your websites, databases, emails etc.

KnownHost WordPress installation is automated, so you can easily install it in just a few clicks. Depending on the type of hosting plan, you may also get access to features such as staging environment, malware scanners, and free website migration services.

What type of server knownHost use?

KnownHost uses enterprise-grade servers powered by Intel Xeon processors and DDR4 RAM. They also offer NVMe storage for faster read/write speeds compared to traditional spinning hard drives. All their dedicated server packages come with unlimited bandwidth, cPanel access management tools, and 24/7 support from their team of experts.

Comparing KnownHost web hosting to other web host providers

KnownHost is a very excellent web host service with high performance and an excellent support team. It is one of the best hosting services you can find in terms of features, performance and customer support.

Its plans are slightly more expensive than some other web hosts, but it offers a lot of value for your money. For example, its shared hosting plans include don’t include free domain names and unlimited storage while its VPS plans include cPanel access management tools and LiteSpeed caching technology. It also provides automated backups, malware scanners, and unlimited emails with all their plans making them great for individuals as well as businesses.

Monthly Cost UndiscountedStarts at $8.95Starts at $11.95Starts at $24.95Starts at $6.99
Basic Plan Storage50GB10GB100GBUnlimited 
Disk Space
Uptime Guarantee99.95%99.90%NoneNone
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days30 days30 days
Automatic BackupsAvailable on all plansBackups not guaranteedOnly on some plansAvailable on all plans
Data Center LocationsIn the United StatesIn the United States; outside the U.S., with Cloudflare activationUndisclosedOnly within the United States
Phone SupportAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
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KnwonHost Vs Hostwinds

KnownHost is a reliable web hosting provider that offers quality services backed by excellent customer support. On the other hand, Hostwinds is also an established web host with a range of affordable plans and features.

The difference between them lies in their pricing structure; Knownhost has more expensive plans but they are packed with premium features such as NVMe storage, Hostwinds are cheaper but their plans don’t include these features which may be important for some customers. In terms of performance, both hosts provide great uptime guarantees however KnownHost outperforms Hostwinds in terms of page loading speeds due to its top-of-the-line hardware and optimized settings.

KnwonHost Vs HostGator

HostGator is another popular web host provider that offers different hosting plans at an affordable price. In comparison, Knownhost offers more premium features and In terms of performance, both hosts provide great uptime guarantees but KnownHost has a slight edge due to its top-of-the-line hardware and optimized settings which helps with page loading speeds. Furthermore, HostGator doesn’t offer the same level of customer service as Knownhost; they don’t have live chat support or phone lines so if you need help with an issue then it might take longer to get a response.

Knownhost Vs Bluehost

Bluehost is another popular web hosting provider that offers different plans at an affordable price. In comparison, KnownHost has more premium features and better performance in terms of page loading speeds. They also offer great customer service with phone lines and live chat support so you can get help with any issues quickly. Bluehost does have some advantages: they have larger disk space on their shared hosting plans and they make it easy to register domains or transfer existing ones to a new host.


We believe that knownHost is the top choice for web hosting services since they offer excellent hosting services with great features and support. They have a wide range of plans suitable for all types of websites regardless of size or budget. Their uptime guarantee of 99.9% ensures maximum performance while their advanced security measures protect your website from potential attacks

Since 2017, we have been utilizing KnownHost and we are extremely pleased with their services. We are certain of their ability to maintain the same standard of quality hosting service in the future. We highly recommend KnownHost for anyone.

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