Main Functions Custom Shipment Packages Perform During Transportation

Custom boxes are now a very popular packaging tool that doesn’t need some brief introductions notes. However, only a few people know that these boxes serve you fare more than just display as showcase packages. 

  • Are you a brand with a lot of clients from some other countries? 
  • Are you deliver your product to the doorstep of your clients? 
  • What if unfortunately there would be a smash or a strike of something with your packed product? 

It would waste your money and affect your company’s reputation. Moreover, if your client will find your product in a broken form you would lose their loyalty. But if you are shipping some bulk amount of product to a branch of your company, in some other state. Such kind of mishaps will be very alarming. But don’t worry, Fast Custom Rigid Boxes is here just to blow up all your worries about product packaging

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What Is The Solution?

The thing you just need to shift from your old traditional brown mailing packages to durable corrugated custom packages. These packages are manufactured by keeping three things in focus.

  1. Their Unique look, which would make your brand different from all others.
  2. Their Durability, which guarantees you to transport your product without worry about its safety.
  3. Marketing Factor, so that these packages could rush more and more clients toward your brand. 

These printed packages save your company from return coast as well as product damages. Kraft packages keep your eatables and other bakery products fresh inside by saving them from all kinds of environmental factors. Moreover, these packages are available on low coast and they could be used again for several applications, due to their high durability. These following are the details of the main functions, performed by our boxes to solve your shipment problems.

Features of Custom Delivery Boxes

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Packaging roles are different, but they are optimized for unique identification and the management of shipment challenges. Packaging design involves publicity, fast delivery, consumer aesthetics, safety, and recycling.

Packaging roles directly influencing the distribution chain usually involve preventive, shipping, distribution, advertising, customer experience, and assurance, in comparison to the various showcasing and strategic roles of other packages.

1) Protective Feature.

The preventative feature is a primary concern for these boxes: a container should shield the goods from all environment factors (while in scenarios of potentially hazardous goods, preserve the surrounding with its durable packaging material).

Basic preventative packaging alternatives not just make sure that the item survives handling throughout the shipping phase without a decline in its quality, while further defending against both potential damages and theft. Temperature resistant packages for the medication sector and meals boxes are indicators of such protective shipment packages.

2) Storage Feature.

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Packing products and boxes provide appropriate storage before and after packing. These packages are made to fulfill different storage criteria of your product. As effective storage is the second important factor to keep your products fresh and valuable.

3) Transportation Features.

Appropriate packaging structure enables packing to be transported, elevated, placed, and stored on containers or shipping units in a way that maximizes the usable transportation capacity. Filling storage units along with zero vacant room enable packing a very cost-effective application of transport services.

  • These boxes construction also satisfy legislative criteria of safe handling by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. 
  • Boxed goods must be simple to transfer and safe for hand-held uses, featuring labels indicating load-bearing moving sections.
  • When you use these designing containers, you change operations control, resulting in lower carbon emissions, cost reductions, and total performance.

4) Sales Factor.

As we have stated above these custom boxes are mainly design to grab the eyes of your buyers. Their striking look compels your buyers to take your product with them. These packages are the silent advertisers of your products. With their finest manufacturing material, smooth surface, professional design, they present your product pleasantly and professionally to your buyers.

No one ignores the quality, if your product packaging is good there are 60-70% chances that the client will prefer your product on others. The sales function aspect of packaging is self-explanatory: the package should promote the sales process in an efficient manner. It will raise your revenue.

5) Promotional Feature.

The promotional packaging framework and style are strongly linked to profits. Cartons, packages, and bins would draw customer interest and promote purchase. In this way, they are the good promoters of your brand. The thing you just need to do is just to sit on your comfortable chair, and let these packages to do their special work. That is nothing other than your brand promotion with your least efforts. Promotional packages will raise the risk of theft in the supply chain, with promotional containers often housed in larger, less desirable containers.

6) Multiple Services.

Packing gives customers essential product information. This can provide a list of ingredients, usage directions, prescribed dose, or any alerts specified under safety standards.

  • This box can undertake extra functionality as part of a pack-services role once the product is withdrawn. 
  • You can reuse these boxes for multiple purposes like storing your files, some nail paints, expensive jeweler, and much more. 

7) Guarantee Quality & Consistency.

Undamaged Custom boxes serve as a supplier’s guarantee of product material value as well as consistency. Heat resistant packages, for example, gives essential protection for medicines and several foods. And we do diffuser box on wholesale with free designing and shipment.

Based on the characteristics of the goods, the box can include information like material description, structure, size, amount, and shelf – life. Deviations of such indications signify the product is being compromised in a certain manner.


After briefing all the details of custom shipment packages features, it might be clear for you that how useful these modern packages are for your brand. Moreover, at Fast Custom Boxes, you could get them according to the specifications of your shipment product. These durable boxes are customizable for all types of products either big or small in size. Give the finest protection and guarantee protection to your expensive products with improving their showcase aspect.

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