Make Sure You Are Buying The Best Rose Water

Over the centuries Rose Water has become known for its medicinal properties, including easing the symptoms of constipation and indigestion, help reduce the discomfort of menstruation and reduce skin irritation and swelling. The beneficial properties of rose water were first identified by a Persian Chemist in the 10th century – however, it reached the West courtesy of Crusaders who had spent time in the Middle East. It was not long before Rose Water found new medicinal uses. In the Middle Ages, the best Rose Water was valued by medical practitioners for its uses including preventing fainting, contributing to heart health and ‘protecting’ the organs.    

Today Rose Water is used as a treatment for inflamed skin, as an ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking and in aromatherapy – where it is renowned for treating stress and symptoms associated with tension such as headaches. It seems that Rose Water still has a place in modern cosmetic and medical practice. Used on the skin, especially in the facial area it can balance the skin’s natural production of essential oils, encourages circulation, reduces swelling and leads to a brighter and more youthful appearance.

The quality of the Rose Water used for both cooking and aromatherapy is less important than that which is produced for cosmetic purposes. So for those who want to enjoy the time tested skin benefits of Rose Water – what are the guidelines that should be followed to ensure that the product that is sourced is of the highest quality?

The best thing which makes rose water an essential part of our life is the hydration. People ten to be very careless about their skin, but once they get to reveal the wonders by rose water. They will never ever stop using it. Not only for skin rose water is also very essential for digestive system. Scientists have claimed that rose water contains special enzymes which will help in food digestion.

Digestion is ultimately related to the ultimate health of every individual. Thus, if we say  that rose water in fact augments our health then there would be nothing wrong with that.

The Rose Water that is used for the production of cosmetic products – or the raw product should be of the highest quality when used on the skin. It should be prepared in a manner that preserves its natural goodness and beneficial qualities.

The best Rose wate​r is sourced from organically grown roses and is prepared for the market using a​ traditional distillation process. The process for the production of the best Rose Water is in essence simple. During distillation, a large number of rose petals are placed into a custom-designed still and then steamed. On cooling, the steam condenses. This water is now infused with the essence of the rose petals, as well as the natural oils from the rose. The process uses no additives and those who purchase Rosewater made in this way are assured that they will be receiving the best quality product.

It is important for those who are purchasing Rose Water for cosmetic use to ensure that the product is prepared in this way. There are products on the market who use inferior roses or where the manufacturer has added adulterants in an effort to reduce costs while at the same time maintaining the aroma that Rose Water is so well known for. Additives can include essential oils or even synthetic compounds that mimic the smell of the natural distillate (‘rose hydrolat). Although the Rose Water with additives is an inferior product the buyer can settle for it if no ‘pure’ Rose Water is available. However, when used for cosmetic purposes the consumer is advised to test the Rose Water with artificial ingredients on a small area of skin. Allergic reactions have been reported when using adulterated Rosewater. 

The history of Rose Water is a fascinating one – and proof positive that it is effective when used in a number of ways. Any product that has stood the test of time like Rose Water will, almost by definition convey benefits to the user. Otherwise, it would have faded into the mists of antiquity. Try the natural product – you will be amazed at the results.


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